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Everything you need to know about Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman

Here kitty-kitty! We’ve got ourselves a new Catwoman and her name is Zoe Kravitz! Here’s everything you need to know about the new Catwoman! We Heart It It hasn’t been long since the announcement that Robert Pattinson will play the dark knight in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film ‘The Batman’. And rumor has it that he […]

A Spider-Man and Venom crossover is really happening!

It’s a Tom VS Tom scenario! As Tom Holland and Tom Hardy potentially face-off in a Spider-Man and Venom crossover film! itl.cat Spider-Man and Venom fans, you’re in luck because we may be seeing the iconic rivals in a crossover film soon! According to ‘Venom’ director Ruben Fleischer in an interview with Fandom, he said […]

‘Abominable’ depicts China’s 9-dashed line in Philippine waters

Dreamwork Animation’s ‘Abominable’ is making headlines on the Internet and the reason ain’t pretty. Dreamwork Animation’s ‘Abominable’ follows the story of a teenage girl, Yi, who embarks on a quest to unite a Yeti, who’s been living on the roof of her apartment building, with its family. And as far as it seems to be […]

‘Words can kill’ death of K-pop star Sulli

Goodbyes sometimes come in a bitter ending. After the death of K-pop star Sulli, we are reminded how words can kill. Yesterday, news broke that the K-pop idol, Sulli, has been found dead in her Seongnam home. Looking back at the past, Sulli rose to fame in her childhood as an actor and eventually debuted […]

Robert Downey Jr. is the new Dr. Dolittle!

Say goodbye to whatever you know about Eddie Murphy’s Dr. Dolittle! Because this 2020 Robert Downey Jr. is the new Dr. Dolittle! MovieBill That’s right, after tearfully ending his role as Iron Man in ‘Avengers: Endgame’, Robert Downey Jr. is back with a new film coming this January 2020! Because Robert Downey Jr. is the […]

Filipino gin goes viral as seen in K-drama ‘Vagabond’

Netflix’s K-drama ‘Vagabond’ features a Filipino alcohol staple and it had us all laughing! Out of all the hundreds of Filipino items to get featured in an international series, who would’ve thought it had to be the one and only San Miguel gin? Well, this iconic gin bulag made its appearance in episode 7 of the Netflix original […]

Louis Vuitton acknowledges discrimination issue with flowers

It looks like Louis Vuitton acknowledges the issue of discrimination Regine Velasquez had at one of their stores by sending her some flowers. GIPHY We’ve told you this story in a recent article. About how Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez experienced discrimination at a Louis Vuitton store in New York City. But in a recent interview […]

Things only 90’s kids can understand

Calling all 90’s kids out there! Although it’s not Thursday, we’re still giving you one hell of a throwback! Ahhh, the 90s! It was a decade ago wherein kids weren’t all that into technology and we actually went outside to play. And if you’re a ’90s kid like me, you know all too well about the […]

Bea Alonzo shares message about empowerment in ‘Muli’

As Bea Alonzo celebrates her 32nd birthday, she shares a message about pain and empowerment in her YouTube video titled ‘Muli’. Bea Alonzo recently made headlines with her controversial breakup with Gerald Anderson. With her heart being broken again, a lot of people have been worried for her. However, as Bea celebrates her 32nd birthday […]