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FEATURES: A quick look on “Lupin III: The First” 3D CGI movie trailer

On the run to redemption, “Lupin III: The First” movie comes back to life in full 3D CGI! Once more, our favorite infamous criminal Arsène Lupin III returns for it’s very first 3D CGI movie ever. The movie trailer for “Lupin III: The First” just dropped a few days ago and to be honest, it looks pretty […]

FEATURES: Is Enchanted going to have a sequel?

Is our favourite animated-real world cross-over movie, Enchanted, really getting a sequel? Enchanted was the perfect movie for a little kid who loves both cartoons and fairytales. Hands down, we can say that this film executed the most ambitious cross-over between animated and live action worlds to go with a massive fairytale spin-off! And if […]

FEATURES: Gamer girl selling used bath water claps back at fake news

Hustling the whole internet with selling her used bath water, gamer girl Bell Delphine breaks silence and addresses all fake news! Once again, blowing up the social media space is none other than gaming personality Bell Delphine. After announcing that she will be selling her used bath water, fans lost their minds in hastily deciding […]

FEATURES: First look at the live-action film Mulan!

No Mushu, no Shang, no singing. But despite the rumors, it seems that Disney’s live-action film of Mulan isn’t as lackluster as everyone thinks. After a long time of waiting, Disney unveiled the first teaser trailer of ‘Mulan‘, the live-action adaptation. Mulan’s teaser trailer debuted during the half-time break  U.S.-Netherlands FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer […]

FEATURES: Nadine Lustre and Aga Mulach stars in Miracle in Cell No. 7 remake!

Ready to cry? You better be! Because Nadine Lustre and Aga Mulach will star in a remake of ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7’! Aga Mulach and Nadine Lustre in a film? Sounds exciting! What if we tell you that it’s going to be a Pinoy remake of the hit Korean film, ‘Miracle in Cell No. […]

FEATURES: White Chicks 2 is in the works!

Hold. My. Poodle! Because our favorite movie, White Chicks is making a comeback and Terry Crews will be in it too! ‘Charlie’s Angels‘ is getting a reboot, and now ‘White Chicks’ is getting a sequel. 2019 is definitely the fulfillment of our 90’s kids dream! yes, you read that right! And who better to bring […]

FEATURE: Who’s the star for Disney’s Little Mermaid live-action?

Disney has found their Ariel for The Little Mermaid live-action and she’s ready to swim up and become part of our world! After the consecutive success of Disney live-action remakes, our favorite mermaid gets her own too. Since the rampant production of Disney live-action remakes, the casting of each has been tedious. And ‘The Little […]

FEATURES: Take a closer look at Netflix’s The Witcher Series!

At long last, take a long close look at Netflix’s The Witcher series adaptation as they reveal the official poster, first stills, and release date! If you’ve loved the action role-playing game and the novels, then you’d surely love the upcoming Netflix series. ‘The Witcher’ will be dropping at the streaming platform Netflix, this later […]

FEATURES: The new Charlie’s Angels trailer is here!

They exist because traditional law enforcement can’t keep up. Charlie’s Angels are back feistier than ever! It seems like we’re going to be hearing the infamous “Good morning, angels” line, because ‘Charlie’s Angels’ is going to have a reboot! The film stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska in an action-packed remake of our […]