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‘Train to Busan’ sequel ‘Peninsula’ slated for 2020

Who said public transportation can be so scary? Well, the Korean zombie movie ‘Train to Busan’ is coming back to give you the horrors as it will have a sequel very soon in 2020! Find out more here: On Tuesday, director of ‘Train to Busan’, Yeon San-ho, confirmed that the zombie-packed film is returning for a […]

Classic Blue is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020 for peace and tranquility

Pantone has announced its official color for the year 2020 and it’s none other than Classic Blue. Find out more here: Admit it, 2019 has been a not-so-nice for most of us. We faced many issues all around the world such as Facebook accessing data privacy, the loss of many K-pop idols, and so much […]

Filipino hip-hop artist Because gets slammed for cheating allegations

Uh-oh. It looks like another cheating scandal is rocking the Filipino hip-hop world via Twitter and it’s about none other than ‘Esmi’ singer, Because. Find out more here: READ MORE: Zeinab Harake and Skusta Clee broke up—again On Wednesday, a Twitter user named Dana Dy with the handle @danabananers took it to the social media platform […]

December Avenue is the Most Streamed Artist on Spotify PH for 2019!

For the first time, a local artist has nabbed the title of Most Streamed Artist on Spotify PH!   Today, Spotify has just unveiled its annual ‘Wrapped’ list for 2019! And congratulations are in order for December Avenue as they’ve nabbed the Most Streamed Artist on Spotify PH! And not only that, their song ‘Kung […]

Check out this hilarious Twitter exchange about cake!

“Goldilocks ka GhOrL?”   Ahh, cake, the one thing I thought human beings can agree on. But this hilarious Twitter exchange about cake has proven me wrong. So if you ever found yourself on Twitter yesterday afternoon, December 3, and was curious why Red Ribbon and Goldilocks started trending. Well, buckle in, because this is […]

Natasha Returns to Her Roots in Black Widow Teaser Trailer

With the release of the teaser trailer for ‘Black Widow’, the MCU’s Phase 4 is finally starting to set itself up! When the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe concluded with the coming out of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home‘, we superhero fans felt like it was truly the end of an era. However, with the […]

11 years later, ‘The Fear’ by Lily Allen still proves its relevance

“I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore.” In 2019, iconic hit ‘The Fear’ by Lily Allen is still relevant in our society. In case you were barely alive back then or just simply missed all the times it used to play on the radio, ‘The Fear’ by Lily Allen is one of the most phenomenal songs when […]

Before he was a supervillain Thanos was this cute little baby

Before he was keen on destroying half of the human race, Thanos was just like any of us. And that’s what Ryan Meinerding showed us in his concept art. FIND OUT MORE HERE: On Tuesday, Marvel Studios’ Head of Visual Development, Ryan Meinerding, revealed a somewhat unbelievable Avengers: Endgame concept art for a younger Thanos on […]

Minzy Just Performed Some 2NE1 Hits in the Philippines!

In case you missed it, maknae and main dancer of 2NE1 Minzy is wreaking havoc in the Philippines! With her amazing dancing skills and her remarkable stage presence, there’s no denying that former member of 2NE1 Minzy, is one of the most talented idols out there. And to add, she is an incredible singer! So […]