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Encore Features: Electronic Producer “James Ussher”

  With our current technology that lets us create and curate content, from paintings to music, there are a huge current influx of electronic producers, and DJ’s. Some might even call them “bedroom or laptop musicians” who produce wonderful music in their own rooms—It’s no wonder that the electronic scene had become saturated and populated. […]

The Rise of Ex-Battalion, Shanti Dope and the Evolution of Pinoy Hiphop

You can literally hear their songs everywhere, from Ex-Battallion’s Hayaan Mo na Sila” to Shanti Dope’s “Nadarang” from your local tricycle and jeepney terminals, wet-markets and other well-populated areas. They surely took the radio by storm. And when I say by storm, I mean BY STORM. Why Does It Work? Some say, it’s corny, repetitive, […]

ENCORE Presents Shanti Dope, on his inspirations and dreams

Shanti Dope, one of the hottest and youngest artists of today talks about his inspirations, his goals and how he feels upon being hailed as the top rapper of today.     During his Castaway surprise performance, we got the chance to pick and see into the young artists’ mind. And we are truly glad […]

Behind the Deck: An Exclusive with DJ Katsy Lee

DJ Katsy Lee, one of the much sought-after household names in the Philippine DJ scene did not get to be one of the leading Female DJ artists’ in a snap.   She got to where she is now by working hard and by letting her passion drive her. Katsy Lee has always loved electronic dance […]

Moira Dela Torre’s Engagement announced in her new MV “Tagpuan”

Moira Dela Torre, a well-known singer-songwriter is now engaged with her now one-year boyfriend Jason Marvin Hernandez. The couple publicly announced their engagement in the most creative way possible, her latest music video. The Proposal The MV as directed by John Pratts, is for her newest song “Tagpuan”, it showcases a surprised Moira. Jason starts […]


With the rise of music video through the early 80’s, record labels and artist alike started producing music videos everywhere, then in a snap, MTV happened just like that the rest is history.   Here are five local visually appealing music videos you should definitely watch. 1. IV OF SPADES – HEY BARBARA   Okay, […]

BEHIND THE DECK: The Top EDM Artists in the country speak, here they are.

The whole world is at a standstill with the introduction of the digital platforms that is but growing each day, it becomes increasingly easy for new music to be made and shared with millions. More and more artists are emerging into the scene as each day passes. This makes it so easy to get lost […]

EDM DJ-Producer Icon, Avicii dies at 28

Tim Bergling, a Swedish DJ-Producer most notably known as Avicii passes away at 28 just this Friday. The Grammy-nominated electronic dance DJ started out when he was 16. He is a part of a new wave of DJ-producers, like David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia, who totally disrupted the scene DJ music scene […]

UDOU’s Behind the Deck: An Exclusive Chat with the Dynamic Four of EDM

Throughout my time as a writer and as an editor I have had the privilege of speaking with and interviewing some of the most renowned names in different industries. But just last week during the Castaway Festival at SM Clark after I concluded my interview with the group, my heart skipped a beat, I know that these […]

UDOU’s Behind the Deck: Exclusive Interview with the #1 DJ in Southeast Asia, DJ LaCrème

Fans all over might have had to wait for a while, but their patience is to be rewarded now as we get a chance at a sit down with DJ LaCrème. Done live during the Castaway Music Festival 2018 at SM City Clark, the Englishman unleashed a blow by blow account of who he is. […]