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Why You Should Absolutely Listen To Talahib People’s Music

Let’s face it, Filipinos need to be exposed a lot more to other varieties of OPM! To be frank, OPM is a lot more than what most Filipinos are used to. Because when you say OPM, most people immediately think of classic rock bands – much like Parokya ni Edgar or Eraserheads. Yes, this thing […]

Remembering Amy Winehouse: The Seventh Anniversary Of Her Death

It’s been seven years since the tragic death of the vocal powerhouse that is Amy Winehouse, who was one of the most original, gifted and edgy vocalists in the history of the British music scene.   At only 27, Amy Winehouse was found dead in her flat in Camden, north London, on the afternoon of […]

Sleep and Wake Up to Autotelic and Ben&Ben’s New Singles

Two of the rising local indie bands just released their new singles last Friday, and believe me, you’d want to hear these tracks before you sleep, and right after you wake up.   Twitter was filled with teasers from the bands, making fans freak out til Friday. Some even thought it was a collab from […]

How To Write Songs Like Brian Molko from Placebo

Brian Molko, the androgynous vocalist and songwriter of British rock band, Placebo. The band had established themselves since the 90’s and has built a cultish fan base that fills sold-out arena tours around the world. I’ve always found Molko’s lyrical structure to be visually designed yet honest. Although, some songwriters believe the wordy way of […]

Redeeming Taylor Swift: The Old Her May Be Dead, But The Reputation Tour Lives

Stepping the spotlight at only 16, everyone in the music scene has witnessed how Taylor Swift has grown in the industry. From the country music teenager to the electro-pop lady, she’s garnered a bunch of awards, fans, friends, and even enemies along the way. But if there’s one thing that never changed about her, it’s […]

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, their history and love in songs

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, more commonly known as “Jelena” to their fans worldwide started with their love – hate relationship during their early young adulthood years way back in 2010 — with a long trail of on-off relationship breakout stories, these two have frequently been in the spotlight.     Consistently dissected for every […]

Jason Dhakal and dot.jaime Tuck Us to Bed With “Night In”

There are days for sentimentality and there are songs that bring it right in front of our doorstep whatever the weather may be. Jason Dhakal and dot.jaime brings what could just be that package in their joint release by the name of Night In. This new EP sends us not on a midnight road trip […]

Celebrities Who Kept Their Relationships Under Wraps

Celebrity relationships are very chaotic, but that’s not because of their personal problems whatsoever. Just imagine all the hate from social media dictating you who to date and not to date, all the paparazzis popping out of nowhere when you’re really just trying to have a nice brunch with your beau—it’s all tiring. That’s why […]

A Behind the Camera Feature: Nyll Acosta, Event Photographer

Who is Nyll Acosta? That’s probably the first question on your minds right now — and rightfully so, I would be on the same questioning mark if I wasn’t one of the behind the scenes person too, so here’s why:   The answer has two parts — First is basically since UdoU celebrates artistry and […]

GELATO is Your Latest Sweet Serving From Tyler, The Creator

When Tyler likes something, he seems unable to get his talent off of it. His latest addition to a string of reinterpretations comes in the form of GELATO wherein he freestyles over Jacquees’ No Validation from his recently released LP, 4275. Earlier this month, he poured himself out onto Kanye and Cudi’s Kids See Ghosts. […]