Would you take back someone who cheated on you?

No one can really describe the feeling of being cheated on but to summarize it—it hurts like hell. With that being said, our topic of discussion for today is the never ending question, “Would you take back someone who cheated on you?” So we’ve asked a few people regarding this matter. Disclaimer: We’ve changed the names […]

Channel Your Inner K-pop Idol with the K-Crew Dance Fest!

The ultimate dance competition for K-pop dance cover groups is up and coming! K-Crew Dance Fest 2019 is a national competition among cover groups of K-pop songs. It is made to celebrate Filipinos’ love for K-pop, as well as to celebrate our very own talents in dancing. The live elimination round already happened last October […]

‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’ by MNTKLYA explain our trust issues

‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’ by MNTKLYA is a song about a love that suddenly vanishes and pretty much explains why a lot of us have trust issues. Anthony Tran on Unsplash If you’re like me that looks for new heartbreak songs to add to my songs-to-cry-to-playlist then MNTKLYA has got one tear-jerker for you!  […]

Jason Magbanua Speaks Up Against Sexual Allegations

Last October 17, a ton of issues have sparked controversy on Twitter. Sexual allegations against celebrity wedding videographer Jason Magbanua was one of them. In a tweet made last October 17, a user has posted screenshots of a Facebook post by an alleged Jaime Dy. In her post, she accused esteemed wedding videographer Jason Magbanua […]

Kylie Jenner drops ‘Rise and Shine’ merch

Kylie Jenner is taking her title as an Internet meme to whole new level by dropping ‘Rise and Shine’ merch! After Kylie’s iconic singing of ‘Rise and Shine’ to wake up her daughter, Stormi, during her Kylie Cosmetics office tour, she immediately became an online sensation. And in what better to join in the fun […]

Ghibli films will make its home on HBO Max and not Netflix!

Maybe it’s time to consider getting an HBO Max subscription because Ghibli will make its home there and not on Netflix! GIPHY Okay, we’re not gonna lie. The HBO Max lineup of shows is looking tight! But so does Disney+ and Apple TV+. With so many options, can we even afford multiple streaming subscriptions? Or […]

A Special Music Video Launch for ‘Hawak Bitaw’ by LaLuna

‘Hawak Bitaw’ by LaLuna is finally having its own music video! And to celebrate the occasion, a special launch will be held. A year after their release on YouTube and almost 5 months after putting the song on Spotify, ‘Hawak Bitaw’ by LaLuna is finally getting its own music video! To accompany it, a special […]

Jennifer Lawrence just got married!

First, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married and now it’s Jennifer Lawrence! Find out all the details here! You’re probably asking, “Who’s the lucky guy?” Us too, considering Jennifer Lawrence is a highly acclaimed actress. And not to mention her lovely personality and great sense of humor. Who wouldn’t love her?! Well, he’s none other […]

Honestly, who really cares about the Barretto feud?

What is it about real-life-drama that captures the attention of Filipinos? But honestly, who really cares about the Barretto feud? ABS-CBN News In today’s tech-savvy scene, it’s no surprise that Filipino’s spend a good portion of their time on social media. And although intangible, how we choose to spend that time on social media matters. […]

What to expect in this year’s biggest gaming convention

Calling all gaming enthusiasts out there! We’re inviting you in the country’s biggest gaming convention, ESGS! Yes, you heard it right! You can have the chance to live out your gaming dreams through the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) happening this October! So stay tuned right here for every detail you need to know […]