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U2 performing live

There's been a wave of unnecessary dislike for U2 over the last few years. Okay, maybe the last decade. However, this generation's U2 fans

Jensen and the Flips live for their "BDYTLK" launch

After months of demanding work inside the Yellow Room Studio, indie band Jensen and the Flips are almost ready to release their sophomore album!

Biggie Smalls rolling a cigar.

Hip hop has branched out into a multitude of subgenres, with the most recent one being "mumble rap". As it began to make its

Logo of Emoji Records' Bass N' Bacon

In the Philippines, even a little bit of rain can cause heavy traffic. Said traffic usually makes us want to stay home, watch Netflix,

Queen performing live in Montreal, Canada

After seven years since its first announcement, we have a first look at the upcoming Queen biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody" with Rami Malek as the

Green Day performing live during their American Idiot tour

As thousands of Americans struggles to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey, more and more celebrities have been joining forces to donate in relief efforts. Punk

Two users of AfterParty

A lineup like What's Your Cool is hard to find nowadays; we integrated crowd favorite indie and mainstream bands with the today's best club

Peter Dinklage performing with Whizzy in Columbia University

Everyone knows Peter Dinklage because of his superb acting skills, but did you know that he was once a frontman for a pretty hardcore

Orange & Lemons reunite as a trio

After a 10-year hiatus, Filipino alternative rock band Orange & Lemons will reunite as a trio in 70s Bistro, Quezon City. The new lineup

Ebe Dance and Autotelic perform for Coke Studio PH

Autotelic and Ebe Dancel are featured in this week's episode of Coke Studio PH. With this collaboration, Autotelic proudly admits that Sugarfree greatly influences