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Marking Polaroid’s Triumphant Return with Iconic Album Cover Art

Nine years after Polaroid announced the end of its instant film production, they’re officially back for another take on the industry. The pioneer of the instant photography, now called Polaroid Originals, unveiled its new OneStep 2 camera this week. To commemorate the iconic status of Polaroid, here are some equally iconic music albums that made […]

Fall Out Boy Debuts ‘The Last Of The Real Ones’ Along With MV

American Rock Band Fall Out Boy debuts a new single “The Last of the Real Ones” along with its simple, weird, but epic music video. It is the third single off of their upcoming seventh album, “M A  N   I    A” which was supposed to be released September 15th but was pushed back to next year. […]

10 Pinoy Tunes Perfect For Laidback Weekends

After a grueling week from work or school finishing deadlines, we always look forward to the coming weekends. While others spends their weekends clubbing, night-out with friends, or travelling to new destinations or vacation hot-spots, some of us (including me) just love to spend their weekends lying on their bed, have a cup of coffee, read […]

GetMusic: NU Rock Years Features Ely Buendia and More

It has been four months since GetMusic: Indie-Go, where up and coming bands like Autotelic, SUD, and Jensen and the Flips played inside a world-class venue, the Mall of Asia Arena. This time, Smart and MCA Music Inc. brings us GetMusic: NU Rock Years, a reunion of sorts for the bands that have played at […]

Events in Makati: Live ; Live at saGuijo

On September 22, local gig production teams will come together to present Live ; Live – A Mental Health Awareness Gig Series in saGuijo, Makati. Six musical acts and four guest speakers will be making appearances for the first instalment of the gig series.   Mental Health and Music   In the span of two […]

Celebrating Movies with the Best Original Soundtracks

Music and film have been deeply in love for the longest time. Movies need music in order to elevate the atmosphere a scene is giving off, while music needs visual aid to produce music videos. To celebrate how well these two go hand-in-hand, here are some movies with original soundtracks you just can’t miss.   […]

Calix is ‘The Lesser of Your Greater Friends’

After listening to Calix’s The Lesser of your Greater Friends, it kindled a fading fire inside. Calix’s TLOYGF Feels Like “Being Punched” The title of Calix’s 2017 release sums it all—the heavy and grimy yet head bopping beats, the raw lyrics on politics, society and other local rappers (Beef, anyone?) alongside with his rapid-fire, agitated yet clearly enunciated flow […]

XXXTentacion Hits Back at Domestic Abuse Allegations

Florida rapper XXXTentacion has been simmering in hot water for about a year now. Amidst being charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering, his debut album “17” entered at number two on the Billboard 200 chart which begs the question—how far are fans willing to go […]

5 of the Simplest, Most Entertaining Indie Music Videos

Music videos with flash, bling, and “hoes” can get pretty stale. To add a fresh twist on your palate, we handpicked five music videos that don’t need a high budget to qualify as good entertainment.   Someday – The Strokes (Is This It, 2001)     The Strokes are the people we wish we were old […]

A Tribe Called Quest Performs Last Ever Show at Bestival

Last weekend’s Bestival in Dorset, England, officially marked A Tribe Called Quest’s (ATCQ) last ever show. Weep with me for a second here, please.   Can I Kick It? Yes You Can.   Formed in 1985 by MC/producers Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Jarobi White, A Tribe Called Quest sprung as a pioneer […]