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Chuck Taylors: A Musician’s Go-To Footwear

From basketball shoes to a fashion statement, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars never seem to go out of style. No one is immune to the comfortability and durability of the sneakers—not even our favorite musicians. Let’s take a quick look on the evergreen relationship between musicians and their beloved Chuck Taylors.   The Clash […]

B.o.B. Launches Flat Earth GoFundMe Page

There’s nothing wrong in challenging common beliefs… unless science already proved the belief, that makes the belief a fact. However, Atlanta rapper B.o.B. is undergoing a full-fledged mission to prove the believers wrong. Please Go Back to Music   Remember the hottest ringtone of Spring 2009? Yup, it was B.o.B.’s “Nothin’ on You” featuring Bruno […]

Events in Cubao: Unsilencing – similarobjects’ Birthday Gig

Celebrate the 28th birthday of one of the country’s most revered producers, similarobjects, on October 27 at Today x Future! Sorry for dropping the number but hey, there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your age.   The Theory of Collective Unconscious   For those unaware, the moniker “similarobjects” refers to Carl Jung’s theory of […]

Miley Cyrus is ‘Younger Now’ and the Pop World is Right Again

Miley Cyrus grew up as the poster child of Disney Channel, but her post-“Hannah Montana” life quickly spiralled. Her eccentric behavior garnered negative press and a majority of the public basically disowned her. Little did they know, a few years down the line, our beloved Miley would make everything right in the world.   Headline […]

Why You Need to Watch Marie Jamora’s ‘Flip The Record’

Since its limited release in April, Marie Jamora and her crew have been jumping from state to state, country to country for their short film “Flip The Record.” Many draw comparisons to the Netflix original “The Get Down” but we’re here to tell you that “Flip The Record” is in a league of its own. […]

Events in Makati: Extrapolation ‘Sunshine Blue’ MV Launch

You heard it right—Extrapolation is making their triumphant return this Thursday, September 28, at DULO! With a new single underway and many more to be released as the year closes, this is the best place to spend your Thursday night.   “Not Your Daddy’s Jazz”   With their eclectic jazz, funk, and soul sound mixed […]

Events in Manila: The Vamps in Vertis North

British pop rock band The Vamps returns for the fourth time in the Philippines in support for their “Middle of the Night” tour on October 6, 2017 in Luna Drive, Vertis North, Quezon City.   Night & Day   The Middle of the Night tour is in support to The Vamps’ third album, Night and […]

How ‘American Idiot’ Reinvigorated Green Day 13 Years Ago

After a flopped album, missing tapes, and a possibility of disbanding, Green Day delivered an album unlike no other. Their punk rock opera “American Idiot” marked the band’s career comeback in every way possible—sales, awards, charts, and most importantly, their vision for the people.   Rise, Fall, and Rise Again   Shooting to popularity in […]

Dave Grohl on Depression and Introspection

As the sensitive nature of mental health continue to make its rounds, a beloved musician just recently opened up about his own struggle—Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl brought out the skeletons in his closet regarding his post-tour depression two years ago.   Broken Leg Tour   The band’s “Sonic Highways World Tour” began on December […]

Jess Connely Drops New MV for ‘Turn Me Down’

The new music video to Jess Connely’s “Turn Me Down” is truly a visual treat. A Surrealistic Eye-Candy Manila R&B singer Jess Connely drops her new music for her single “Turn Me Down” produced by Filipino R&B/Electronic producer LUSTBASS.   This surrealistic eye-candy by Paco Raterta captures the dreamy, hazy and lazy vibe of Jess […]