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Win Kygo in Manila TICKETS with AfterParty!

Kygo in Manila tickets are up for grabs from the hottest events app in the country! Yep, this give away is from the AfterParty App, and we’re super excited to bring you to the biggest concert-party of the year WITH KYGO!   Score Kygo in Manila tickets for his October 25 show at MOA Arena by […]

HOTTEST EVENTS IN MANILA: ALL THE WAY UP- What to Expect in the Finals (Part 1)

The Grand Finale of the hottest dance competition this year falls on Sunday (October 21, 2018), so we’re giving you a preview of part one on what to expect in the FINALS!   The ALL THE WAY UP GRAND FINALS is jam-packed with exciting surprises! So you’re sure to expect celebrity guests, dope prizes, and […]

HOTTEST EVENTS IN MANILA: October 2018 Calendar (2nd Half)

The most-awaited 2nd half of October 2018 calendar is here! And yes, you can only get this from U Do U.   Moving onto the the 2nd Half of the October 2018 Calendar, we hope you’re up for more gigs before the month ends. ‘Cause we have a packed list for you this October.   […]


There’s no way but up for one of our favorite OPM bands. And who else are we talking about this time but Up Dharma Down—or should we say, UDD?   Formed back in 2004, this band was known as Up Dharma Down (now UDD). And their vocalist/keyboardist Armi Millare gained attention for having a distinguishable […]

REACT RECAP: What Would You Do If You Win The Lotto?

What would you do if you won the lotto? This has been a question we hear every time the lotto cash prize spikes up.   And in the days before someone finally won the BIG JACKPOT, a lot of us were intensely frenzied. The news of the ULTRA Lotto 6/58 cash prize rising up to […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Mayonnaise Band Craze

Mayonnaise (band) is never bland. And we have all the hot flavors from one of the Philippines’ favorite OPM Bands right here.   We all know Mayonnaise (band)—this group has been one the most popular OPM acts since 2002. We’re sure you’ve heard of this little song called ‘Jopay’. And there’s also one of their more more heart-wrenching […]

REACT RECAP: Cubao Expo by ALex Gonzaga

Cubao Expo by Alex Gonzaga was one of the most talked about videos on the first week of October—October third.   And like how any Mean Girl™ would know, October third is a very special day. Coincidentally, the Cubao Expo by Alex Gonzaga vlog tour was posted on Youtube on the same day.   It was yet […]