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Where to Spend New Year’s Eve 2018 in Manila

2017 is rounding up in just a few days and if you’re still unsure of where you want to spend New Year’s Eve, we’ve got the hook up! Drink, be merry, and kiss your bottle of alcohol when the clock strikes midnight in these hotspots.   URBN QC URBN: URBN QC and Heineken presents BIG BANG! […]

Last Minute Gifts for Your Musically-Inclined Friends

Forgetting to get your friend a Christmas gift is completely understandable! Sort of, I mean you could’ve been busy right?. If you don’t want to look like the bad friend, here are five last minute gifts (that won’t seem last minute) to give to your musically-inclined friends for the holidays.   Audio Headset   You […]

Can Hip-Hop Heal Neurological Disorders?

We all know that music can heal, but neurological disorders? Short answer: possibly.   The Flow State   According to the Daily Mail, Cambridge University researchers have taken a closer look into the brain of rappers and found that their brains enter a rare “flow state.” This “flow state” occurs when a rapper freestyles (Logic?!) […]

5 Artists We Wish Would Release a Christmas Album

Holiday albums are absolute treat to fans because they take us away from the traditional choir-like hymns that we’ve been listening to our entire lives. Now if only some of our favorite artists would release their own!   DMX   DON’T CLOSE THE WINDOW—hear us out. We know DMX releasing anything other than a track […]

Stream Orange & Lemons New Single ‘Lovers Go, Lovers Come’

Orange & Lemons shook the Philippines earlier this year when they announced their reformation. As the rest of 2017 passed the band showed that they’re no longer the Orange & Lemons we knew from 10 years ago—they’re even better. Their newest single “Lovers Go, Lovers Come” is now available on Spotify and iTunes Music!   […]

From Chance the Rapper to Bob Dylan: Atypical Christmas Albums

If you’re sick of hearing Mariah Carey’s whistling everywhere you go, maybe it’s time to change the soundtrack in your household this holiday season. Here are five alternative festive albums to lift your Christmas spirits!   “A Charlie Brown Christmas” – Vince Guaraldi Trio (1965)   You don’t even need to watch the television special […]

Have Yourself a Kaskade Christmas

Gone are the days when you’ve been longing to hear anything other than the overplayed holiday songs because Kaskade Christmas is here to give you a fresh take on this season’s best tracks.   A Merry Kaskade Christmas   Being one of the best dance producers in the industry, Kaskade has no problems in showing […]

Dev Hynes Previews New Blood Orange Music

Dev Hynes, Blood Orange, Lightspeed Champion—doesn’t matter which moniker you know him as. What’s important is that the new Blood Orange album is almost finished!   A Man of Many Names   He began as a member of dance-punk band Test Icicles. The band only lasted two years but their breakup in 2006 prompted him […]

STAFF PICKS: Best Albums of 2017

As the end of 2017 looms nearer, your friends here at U DO U have picked our personal favorite albums of 2017. Here’s a taste of what we enjoyed this year!   “After Laughter” – Paramore   After years of internal struggle, Paramore regained their groove in “After Laughter.” The band’s fifth album was released […]

Lit Lords Light Up ANARCHY: The NoEgo Anniversary Party

NoEgo welcomed the weekend at B-Side, The Collective for ANARCHY: The NoEgo Anniversary Party featuring Lit Lords. A number of things were lined up for Manila on December 15, but those who chose to head over to Makati didn’t regret a thing.     What Went Down   Roy de Borja opened for the crowd […]