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BIRTHDAY FEATURE: A Walk Through Victor Pring’s Life,from then to now.

You can never be as smart as the smart ones out there or as rich as those top billionaires — but you can definitely be the best version of yourself – VP Typical narratives of underdogs who went off to win great victories despite giant hurdles stacked against them usually are the viral story go-getters, […]

OPM Chill Music Playlist To Listen On A Rainy Week

Don’t you just love drinking hot coffee, listening to your OPM chill music playlist, while watching the rain fall down on your windowsill? Rainy days are bed weathers, and bed weathers are perfect with good music.   While we all have our favorites during rainy days, it’s never too late to listen to something new. […]

Summer Sky Production, what went right and what didn’t

As an insider we are giving our account of the somewhat disappointing “Summer Sky Music Festival“,  no one knew it would be a chaotic event with organisers “ignoring every warning sign”.   The event – which is situated at the University of Perpetual Help Molino (Bacoor Cavite) had been in production for a couple of […]

Announcing the winner of Sumer Sky Campus DJ Battle

The day is finally here! After a week of intense voting and well a night of performance (last June2) at Stoned Bar & Grill, we finally have the results! With over 80% of the votes coming in, it is a humongous landslide win for Stanley Villanueva, our 21 year old DJ Battle Campus contestant hailing […]

Proof That Stoned Bar and Grill Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

Last Saturday me and my team went down South (and no, not what you’re thinking), as AfterParty with SummerSky and Stoned Bar & Grill collaborated in an evening of skill and charm for the much awaited Summer Sky Campus DJ Battle.  Guess what? not only was it a LIT evening of sorts — but it […]

Fête de la Musique 2018, coming your way this June 23, 29 & 30

The Fête de la Musique, is also known as Music Day, Make Music Day or World Music Day. It is a first of its kind as a music celebration that truly showcases music. It takes place yearly on the month of June. How does it work? Usually, On Music Day the avid music fans in a city or country are allowed […]

Here is a quick look at IV of Spades’ best songs before they headline this coming Summer Sky Music Festival 2018

Almost everyone in the country had heard of IV of Spades. Especially since there’s a recent controversy surrounding their Lead Singer (Unique Salonga’s) indefinite leave, their adoring fans are still in a state of shock, but are nonetheless still rock solid in their following of the band, with or without Unique. Referred to as the […]

ALBUM REVIEW: “Ye”—A Humanizing and Intimate Representation of Kanye West

Kanye West is and has always been  surrounded by a long list of controversies and attention grabbing tweets,  including his eyebrow-raising recent one “slavery is a choice” remarks and his meeting with the President Donald Trump. His questionable character kept him on the limelight covered in bravado. But what we see is just a facade to […]

Summer Sky DJ Battle heated up Stoned Bar & Grill, here’s what went down

Saturdays are always the best time to get out and experience a good whiplash before Monday looms in. And just this Saturday, at the Stoned Bar & Grill, AfterParty brings in the most awaited Summer Sky Campus DJ Battle at the wake of June as we usher it in a rave night like no other. […]