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Here’s Why You Need To Visit Z Hostel in Makati

Hostels offering a vibrant, social atmosphere are the new trend around the world, especially for backpackers eager to meet new people and discover hip music. In the Philippines, Z Hostel opened in 2015, and it is continuously being revamped to engage more visitors. The place has caught the eyes of a lot of tourists visiting […]

Songs To Get You Pumped Up In The Gym

Sometimes we just need a little extra kick to get us hyped while working out in the gym. Weather you’re lifting weights, sprinting in the treadmill, or letting out your anger on a punching bag, we got you covered with the songs that will surely help you get pumped to burn all those weekend calories […]

Win a Palawan Getaway for 2 with Thursdays takeover by AfterParty at this coming Afterhours!

Palawan, is one of the country’s premier vacation spots. Known as “The Last Frontier” in local translation, Palawan is filled with beautiful white sand beaches and unexplored jungles and humongous underground caves. It is no doubt the go-to destination for family and couple getaways. And with the usual ratio of supply and demand, we are […]

Abra has a new song out in collaboration with Shanti Dope, “Apoy”

After a couple of wins from Respeto (an independent film) in both the national and international stages. Abra decided to take it up a notch with his newest release “Apoy”.   A dark exploratory look into a somewhat personal commentary on a certain someone’s “persona”. Released last June 12, 2018, “Apoy” has already garnered a […]

OPM Love Songs That We All Know The Lyrics To

Remember the days when we didn’t have Spotify or iTunes, when we have to buy CDs or listen to the radio just to listen to a specific song over and over? Remember the MYX days when we would wait for top 20s to watch videos of our favorite songs? Those were the young, wholesome days […]

Typical Party Personalities You Will Always Encounter

With the right mix of different party personalities, one event is bound to be a night worth-remembering. A group of introverts won’t have as much fun as a group with mixed interests.  You’ll end up in a routine if you keep hanging out with the same crowd, so better get out there and try to […]

For the love of Music: What your favorite artists are made-up of

Getting to perform and affect the lives of thousands if not millions might be everybody’s dream. The life of a rock star is superfluously dreamlike. With unparalleled access to all the greatest events, spots, people, brands and not to mention the privilege that comes with it, it is a no-brainer then that almost everyone wants […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Calix’s “IKUGAN” Will Punch You In The Gut With Its Activism

After Calix’s hard-hitting sophomore album entitled “The Lesser Of Your Greater Friends“ that shouts with rage over injustices and social issues—he’s now back with the same fire in his eyes and in his fist with his first mini-album “IKUGAN”.   This 7-track album from Calix starts out like any of his past albums—grimy, with raw lyrics […]

5 Must-Have Apps For Music Lovers

Mobile applications are a huge part of our daily lives. They’re like our personal assistant that helps us do our tasks way easier and faster wherever we go. Even music lovers can benefit from that to keep the melody going in your head, and maybe create your own song in the middle of traffic. Bottomline? […]