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Where To Go To Up Your Game When You’re Traveling Alone

Traveling alone is a good way to rediscover yourself because you’re the one deciding your to-dos for the day. You’re basically going to places with your free will, something we all should practice once in a while. You can save yourself from your talk-shit friends who cancel on the last minute. The Perks You can […]

Upcoming Music Festivals in Asia to look out for this 2018

The Philippine scene for local concerts and festivals is a no-brainer crowd getter.  But let’s be real – sometimes price points can be quite a turn off, especially when International Acts are concerned. I mean — yes we are sort of used to paying tens of thousands for a one-night experience when really we could […]

Haters Gonna Hate: Ariana Grande and other Celeb Couples Who Slammed Bashers

Love in a time when everyone has a word to put in isn’t easy. Every single move of popular icons results to a checkmate thanks to the watchful eye of anonymous figures spreading hate and hate and hate. Well, tough walls are not easy to break down and these couples were able to prove just […]

Halsey to Show How Bad She is at Love in Manila

Manila is not a hopeless fountain kingdom after all with Halsey finally gracing fans for the first time this coming August 10, 2018 at the KIA Theatre, Cubao. Ashely Nicolette Frangipane, famously known as Halsey, will be joined by NIKI onstage for the final installment of her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Live tour presented by PULP […]

Romance Movies With Awesome Tracks To Remember

Aside from Spotify and YouTube, movies are another way to discover new music. If you’re not observant enough, you’re probably missing out on amazing tracks that you need to add in your playlist. Here’s my list of top movies with a soundtrack you’ll fall in love with: What’s Your Number   Top pick: Wicked Way […]

5 songs to add to your chill mix playlist

Another thunderstorm is upon us, as excited as we are about the much needed relief from the scorching heat that we all need. With the sound of raindrops lulling us to bed, why don’t we check out some tunes that can go along this chill day? Here are our top 5 picks, in no particular […]

Why Karpos Live Mix is where you should be next

In my years of doing events, music and otherwise –this is probably the first time that I am actually gonna be going down to the nitty and gritty of it all to prove a point.   Karpos Multimedia has been known for starting a cult-following of indie acts in the country. Through their creation of […]

Getting Back to Work After a Weekend Hangover

It’s 3 AM and you’re emptying the pitcher of some cocktail your squad ordered a few hours ago when you were positive you’re still way behind your limit. You grab the ice bucket only to realize that now it’s only a bucket. You take your glass and drink the whole concoction anyway. The events that […]

Sam Smith Returns to Manila for The Thrill of It All World Tour

Sam Smith is coming back to Manila this October 5 at the Mall of Asia Arena, as part of his The Thrill of It All World Tour. After his sold-out concert in 2015, the four-time Grammy Award singer and songwriter will yet again serenade his fans with his soulful albeit heartbreaking voice.   Smith’s second album […]