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We finally have the winners for the first ever #AfterPartyXRockwellATWU! This is the premier dance competition in the country giving away as much as P100,000.00 to some of the most talented dancers in the county. And we have the All The Way Up Dance Competition FINALS Recap for you right here.


And the best part is, this All The Way Up Dance Competition FINALS Recap is by you!


You read that right. This recap is for you, by you! And to start it off, here’s the performance of the squad team winner that YOU guys uploaded on YouTube!


Squad Team All the Way Up Dance Competition 2018 WINNERS: NU UNDERDAWGZ


That was one HOT number! We see why these guys got that title. Not to mention, we really love how they treat each other as family! That’s what a dance crew’s all about, isn’t it?




And it looks like your fans are as proud of you as we are! So here are what they have to say:




Congratulations, NU UNDERDAWGZ for winning the SQUAD category of the All The Way Up Dance Competition 2018!


And we have features on the squad team winners in this All The Way Up Dance Competition FINALS Recap, of course we have a feature on the FIRE TEAM winner as well!