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TIME CAPSULE: 9 of the Scariest Classics to Watch this Weekend

It’s that time of that year again where we like to dress up as different creatures, and maybe even scare ourselves. And if you’re a fan of the latter, you’re in luck ’cause we’ve rounded up  9 of the scariest classics to watch this weekend!   Scary movies have been around since we can remember. […]

THE ROCK*WELL DANCE CONCERT 2018: The Only As We Proceed Recap You’ll Ever Need

As We Proceed 2018 is Rockwell’s 3rd Annual Dance Concert and it was a heart-stopping experience!   And yes, this is your exclusive As We Proceed 2018 Recap, ’cause we know that after the show, you’ve got a major Rock*well hangover that we’re never getting rid of!   Last Sunday (October 21, 2018),  You won’t believe how […]

DIRTY LAUNDRY: Janella Salvador Speaks Out About Elmo Magalona

We’ve seen this two singer-actors’ relationship bloom, but these days we’re hearing a different tune. In a recent news article, Janella Salvador speaks out about Elmo Magalona’s supposed physical abuse. And we have all the details you need right here.   Keeping distance, growing apart. This is how the Funfare article described this new issue […]

RECAP: All The Way Up Finals

Dancers set the stage on fire in the most-anticipated dance competition of 2018, and the premier dance competition in the Philippines. What else are we talking about but the All The Way Up Dance Competition Finals!   They say “You’ve got to be in it to win it.” And that’s what the All The Way […]


Amidst the galaxy of stars, a ball of fire with a colorful glow called ‘The Bed Bites’ rises from within.   Get to know a lil band called ‘The Bed Bites’ who are making their mark on the OPM world—universe, rather—as we speak.   And listening to their music, we’re confident enough to say that […]

TIME CAPSULE: 5 Music Videos That Scared Us As Kids

It’s that time of the year again when what you see on TV will scare you. Say hello to Halloween specials, galore! And we all know this ’cause this has been happening since we’ve known. That’s why for this #TIMECAPSULE post , we’re rounding up 5 Music Videos That Scared Us As Kids!   Yep, these […]

HOTTEST EVENTS IN MANILA: The Pop Up Katipunan – Spaced Out Halloween Party

One of the hottest party centrals, The Pop Up Katipunan brings an out of this world experience: The Spaced Out Halloween Party!   The Spaced Out Halloween Party is the biggest Halloween Party in Katipunan yet! Plus this one’s sponsored by Heineken, Tipple & Slaw, and Walrus, so come on let’s get ‘riggity riggity wrecked’ with loads […]

HOTTEST IN MANILA: Spookiest Sounds For Halloween

Prepare your ears ghasts and ghouls (we mean guys and gals!), ’cause the spookiest sounds for Halloween are here!   Counting down to the scariest holiday of the year, we’ve scorched the earth and dug graves to find you the spookiest sounds for Halloween y’all could listen to.   Creeping in to the Top 5 […]