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Artists never stop creating. We're halfway through the year and the music our favourite icons make are bound to keep our ears happy throughout

Elements Music Camp The Reunion Concert

Elements Music Camp—a 5-day elite music class attended by various singer-songwriters all over the country—is having a reunion concert featuring its alumni—you can say

Orange and Lemons Moonlane Festival

After a decade of hiatus, Orange And Lemons—composed of Clem Castro, and siblings JM and Ace del Mundo—is back on track with its upcoming

Josh Villena Autotelic

The struggles are real when it comes to having a day job, while also continuing to pursue your passion for music. As an independent

LANY Thru These Tears

After a half-year break from Instagram and Twitter, LANY’s Paul Klein is back on track with a tweet that shook everyone on social media. We


The OPM band scene in the country changes every now and then—it’s hard not to get devastated with left and right breakups, going hiatus,

Young Thug Up Music Video

Young Thug dropped a new music video for his song "Up" featuring Lil Uzi Vert, the video is not only reminiscent of David Lynch's

Indie music artist I Belong To The Zoo

If there's one word we could all agree when describing indie music artist I Belong To The Zoo's songs—it's heartbreaking. His hit songs like Sana,

Justin and Hailey engaged

Millions of Beliebers broke down this weekend after the news of Justin and Hailey getting engaged, especially since this happened a few months after


Sundays are Netflix and chill days, probably a time to sleep all day as you have to face another stressful week at work. You're