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Why You Need To Listen To Banna Harbera

Banna Harbera is one of my favorite bands at the moment, and you’ll understand that so well especially if you’ve seen them perform live. They sound the same, even better, in person—and don’t even get me started with Yzay’s singing.   This amazing band—composed of Yzabel Torres (vocals), Jake Masigan (lead guitar), Justin Mendoza (bass), Patrick […]

Check Out Jaden Smith New Album “Syre”

What better way to celebrate an artist’s 20th birthday than dropping a Jaden Smith new album? Nothing. Last July 9, the actor and rapper released SYRE: The Electric Album exclusively on his instagram page via IGTV. The album is a retake of 5 tracks from his 2017 SYRE which reached no. 24 on the Billboard 200 during the same […]

These Successful Local Artists Started On Soundcloud

We can all admit that it’a definitely hard to make it big in music, but now there are more opportunities than ever before. With tools like SoundCloud, you can easily upload your music, follow other people who are uploading theirs, and connect with other artists. Soundcloud has been a platform for young musicians to get started […]

Meet Tone of Rapture—The Young Indie Band From Lucena

Coming all the way from Lucena City, Tone of Rapture is an indie band composed of young musicians who have performed alongside the biggest OPM bands in the country, such as Up Dharma Down, Mayonnaise, Silent Sanctuary, and Itchyworms.   Tone of Rapture was formed in 2015, with members Harvy Reyes (guitar and vocalist), Roi […]

LATET DROP: Callalily New Music Video “Ex” Is Purely Bittersweet

Callalily new music video for single Ex was recently released—and it ups the game for local MVs.   The band featured four real-life ex couples, with relationships lasting from three months up to almost three years. If you can just imagine meeting your ex after a long while, you’d understand their reactions caught on camera. […]

ENCORE FEATURE: These Female Indie Artists Are Slaying The Music Scene

It’s amazing how our indie music scene is continuously growing—it just proves that OPM is not dead, despite numerous accusations from people who do not even know how to appreciate local music. Slowly but surely, we’re getting the attention that our artists deserve.   And amidst the breakout of OPM bands, these female indie artists […]

Pharrell Partners with Spotify For “Black History Is Happening Now” Campaign

Pharrell Williams has teamed up with the biggest music streaming app, Spotify as a curator of the services “Black History Is Happening Now” campaign. Spotify promotes this by making playlists highlighting notable music from African-American artists. Pharrell will produce playlists and original videos for the month-long campaign, that features him discussing his views on culture […]

Top Cover Songs From OPM Artists

While it’s easy to love songs from our favorite OPM artists, hearing another artist cover their hits makes them extra special. Most of the time, the two versions are not comparable because they have different style and sound, as if they were two different songs in general—that’s the beauty of cover songs.   And although […]

How Demi Lovato and Other Artists Juggle Their Career And Mental Illness

The world was saddened with the suicides of rockers Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell back in 2017. Each committed suicide after wrestling for years with major depression. Comedians, musicians, writers and other creative types are known to struggle with mental illness. This is by no means a new observation as Aristotle once said, “No great genius has […]

LATEST DROP: Unique Salonga and IV of Spades Released New MVs On The Same Day

It’s the first time we’re hearing Unique Salonga release a track—following his break up with IV of Spades—and his mellow, sweet song drives him apart from the upbeat style of his former band. Wishing that I’ll be The man that you’ll touch and see I’ll give my love that can’t explain We will be running […]