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UNIQUE SALONGA NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Cha-Ching! Gives You Goosebumps

  A new Unique Salonga music video for his single Cha-Ching! just dropped on the first day of September, and we’re all over it!   In black and white, this Unique Salonga new music video directed by the artist himself gives us a very visual commentary of what else, but the song’s main theme—cha-ching!   […]


  September events in Manila for 2018 are here! We’re at the ninth month of the year, and before you hear that Jose Mari Chan song again, and feel that Filipino Christmas rush, check out these events first!   These are some of the best September events for the first half of the month! From […]

Shanti Dope International Collaboration: Pinoy Rap Represent!

  Shanti Dope international collaboration alert! The viral Filipino rapper joins Mimi, NomaD, and Krayzie Bone in an international track called Crazy.   In this Shanti Dope international collaboration, he does not only spread Filipino pride, but also promotes Pinoy rap to the world.     On this track, you’ll hear Shanti Dope rap in […]

Eminem New Album 2018: Kamikaze Surprise Release

  This Eminem new album surprised everyone with its midnight release in the US. The album is called Kamikaze, and since its release, it’s been trending on Twitter Philippines. As of writing, there have been almost 300,000 tweets about Eminem worldwide.   Before this 2018 Eminem new album, the American rapper’s last album was Revival. And […]

WEEKEND GIG: The Return to Shadowloo

Shadow Moses is having a special one-night-only gig, in collaboration with Nobody clothing and you better not miss it!   The gig Return to Shadowloo features limited edition merchandise from Nobody clothing and performances from Shadow Moses, She’s Only Sixteen, Dante & Amigo, and more! This happens this Saturday night, September 1, at Route 196, […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Real Names of Filipino Artists

  Recently, a meme circulated with saying that Cardi B’s real name is “Cardi Backyardigan”. And we were shookt! Of course, this was only a meme, but it got us thinking. What are the real names of your favorite artists?     My name is Belcalis ,Growing up people called me Bacardi cause my sister name […]

NEW TO FOLLOW: It’s Jellie Artist Launch at Route 196 This Friday!

  It’s Jellie! If you’re looking for new OPM artists to follow, then this gig’s for you.   The event on Route 196 this Friday is an artist launch for, who else, it’s Jellie! She’s the newest indie folk artist making a name for herself in town. She’s a singer-songwriter, an a spoken-word poetry artist […]

Bakwit Boys Movie Reminds Us to Never Give Up On Music

  Bakwit Boys movie started showing this week, and it’s something you need to catch!   The film is written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, and we know, we know. He didn’t fare very well when people started tweeting about 100 Tula Para Kay Stella. But we hope you’d give Bakwit Boys movie a […]

SUD Music Video Release: Sana Bumalik x Anniversary Gig

SUD music video release alert! The band is having a special anniversary gig, and they’re also releasing the official music video of Sana Bumalik with it. The event happens tonight at 12 Monkeys, and we have all the details you need to know.   Before this SUD music video release, they also  released the lyric […]

Munimuni Answers Quest on Tweet About Taking Offense

Band Munimuni answers Quest’s tweet about a generation that takes offense easily.   And this is because couple of days ago, a tweet from local artist Quest went viral. This tweet is composed of only three words, and didn’t even reach 140 characters. But it went so viral because of its controversial social comment. This […]