Why I Did Not Volunteer to Help During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Family and friends know me as a first responder to every known emergency in the country.   A long-form letter turned into a blog piece written by Kali Alaia   I remember volunteering for almost every cause from animal welfare to save the movement to save the trees to every feeding program there is for […]

Concentrated Chill Brought to You by Malasimbo Arts and Music Festival 2020

One issue plaguing music festivals across Asia and internationally are cancellations due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Acts backing out, entire events being rescheduled or abandoned entirely. It’s a real problem, but Malasimbo triumphed! The curation on the main stage was impeccable, and the silent disco offerings were consistently eclectic with a vibrant mix […]

We Love Our Parents, But We’re Not Piggybanks

Growing up in a culture that values family bonds, we have been raised to be followers of this cycle: get some education, be the best engineer, doctor or writer, and conquer the world– all of these while serving your parents until your last breath. There’s nothing wrong with this. But there’s nothing wrong with not […]

Slapshock Teases Us With New Album

The Filipino metal band Slapshock celebrates its 23rd anniversary with a new album-in-the-works. For more than two decades of headbanging and solid song releases – Slapshock, perhaps one of the remaining rockstars of the Philippine music scene is one of the very few who still consists of their original members’ since day one. With vocalist […]

Ride into Battle As Crossout Goes Into Open Beta

The third person vehicle-based shooter Crossout is now available for Open Beta Testing (OBT). Crossout is a game developed by Targem Games and co-published by Gaijin Entertainment and PlayPark, Inc., Crossout combines gather-and-build mechanics from MMOs with the fast-paced gameplay of shooters for a unique competitive experience.  During the OBT period, players will be able […]

In The Zone: SB19 Continues To Go Up, Making Another Historical Mark

SB19 just made another historical mark SB19 is not stopping until they reach worldwide recognition as the P-pop group just nabbed a spot – officially debuting – on Billboard Emerging Artist Chart at 44th today, February 26, 2020.      .@sb19official holds at #11 peak on Billboard Social 50 + debuts at #44 on Billboard Emerging […]

Listening to Bryant, Sugarcane, Alex Bruce and more

For today, we are going to be listening to 6 artists and their fresh singles. They are Bryant, Sugarcane, Alex Bruce, Antipara, Akong Alayam and Majo Elli. Continuously, a lot of Filipino artists – both aspiring and professional – are contributing to the music industry by releasing their fresh singles. However, as consumers of music, […]

Top 10 Songs of the Week! (February 16-22)

It’s not too late to add our Top 10 Songs of the Week (February 16-22) to your playlists! It’s Friday everyone and that means it’s time for a recap of the songs that made it to our Top 10 Songs of the Week (February 16-22)! As usual, every Friday we give you the full run-down […]

The ‘Echo’ Bag Memes Are Now A Reality

Only geniuses can turn a joke into a profitable idea! And there’s one genius that turned the “Echo” bag meme into reality! It’s the year 2020, and our planet couldn’t be nearer to the brink of collapse than it is today. And so most people have actively chosen to better their lifestyles in order to […]