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Holiday season is the best season to dress up. With all the parties and gift shopping going on, it's kind of hard to keep


Gone are the days when you’ve been longing to hear anything other than the overplayed holiday songs because Kaskade Christmas is here to give


A month short of releasing their seventh album Mania, Fall Out Boy releases a remix of the second track Champion with BTS member RM.   The


This is definitely the season to be merry as Dutch DJ and EDM Godfather Tiesto is now engaged to the love of his life


If you’re someone who has attended at least a few music festivals, there is a huge chance you have heard some songs being played

Crowd at Djkarta Warehouse Project

After the success that DWP 2016 brought with 90.000 attendees filling up the venue, DWP is back with a bigger lineup for this year!   A

Kygo's Stargazing album cover

What was first announced as a single turned out to be a 5-track EP. Thanks for the wonderful surprise, Kygo!   I will still be here,

The Vamps posing for a poster for their concert in the Philippines

British pop rock band The Vamps returns for the fourth time in the Philippines in support for their “Middle of the Night” tour on

Rhap Salazar's Too Good at Goodbyes cover

Just days after Sam Smith’s new song ‘Too Good at Goodbyes’ has been released, Filipino singer Rhap Salazar posted his first attempt of covering

Road to Ultra PH 2017 Getter's visuals

One of the much coveted music festivals in the Philippines has finally arrived. After numerous issues that surrounded the rave scene last year, everyone is