Can You Spare 57 Minutes for Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino?

Lock the door, get comfortable, kill the lights (maybe not?), play Donald Glover’s latest album 3.15.20 (not on shuffle!), close your eyes, and ride that euphoric tide of deep listening.   As the album title would suggest, Donald Glover had originally released the album on March 15th, 2020 and played the album in a continuous […]

‘Biglaan’ 2020 Version: Bianca Breaks Through OPM With Her Rendition of This 6Cyclemind Classic

Bianca, a 16-year old singer-songwriter, stands out from the pool of outstanding entries for 6Cyclemind’s Sige I-Cover Mo Lang Project in partnership with Sony Music PH ink. Supposedly an individual project, Sige I-Cover Mo Lang was made in an effort to show the band’s fans some much-deserved love and appreciation. Fans were encouraged to pick […]

Pahirapan feat. I Belong to the Zoo is Mayonnaise’s Latest Senti Song You’ll Have on Repeat

Mayonnaise just released their first collaborative song with I Belong To the Zoo and if WE can’t get enough of it, we’re pretty sure you won’t too!   The much-awaited release dated March 13 was an instant fan-favorite. Many were expecting the song to be a slow heartbreaker but it turned out to be, quite […]

AJ Mitchell Drops Fresh Beats To Chill To In the Warm Weather

“If you’re not on spring break, listening to the song will take you right there,” says the singer-songwriter AJ Mitchell.   If you haven’t streamed AJ Mitchell’s “Spring Break” which came out last March 6 then you’re definitely missing out on the bop of the season! This new single, co-written by the 18-year old artist […]

Are We Really Ready for this Mayonnaise X I Belong to the Zoo Collab Coming Out Tomorrow?

Two of the top heartbreak-inducing hit-makers are ready to release their first collab tomorrow, March 13. Question is, are we?   #Pahirapan Mayonnaise featuring @ibelongtothezoo 03.13.20@TheYellowRoomPH @cdbaby#BlackHouseStudios#YellowRoomPH#CDBaby — #mayonnaiseventeen (@mayonnaisemusic) March 11, 2020   The five-piece OPM rock band, Mayonnaise and acoustic folk-pop soloist, I Belong To The Zoo tease their first-ever collab on […]

This Stellar Band Lineup Promises No Less Than Cosmic Dreams

Hand-holding, head-on-chest, awkward foot-stepping, private laughs on a crowded dance floor, eye contact that sets your heart on fire as you slow-dance to an enchanting song? Not everyone gets this kind of movie-worthy scene for their prom memory and frankly, if we could do it all over again without the awkwardness of puberty we’re all […]