The Old Guard On Netflix, A Film Review

‘The Old Guard’: Netflix’s Best 2020 Action Movie Spoilers Ahead!     Yes, you read that right, after watching the movie twice. I have come to really dig how Prince-Bythewood delivered a refreshing take on what superhumans are supposed to be. She took extensive care into establishing the characters in an opening film that includes a […]

ShowBT Entertainment Is Looking For Content Creators!

In a video announcement from ShowBT Philippines’ CEO yesterday June 10, 2020, CEO Charles Kim shares the journey and current activities of ShowBT Philippines.   ShowBT Philippines’ CEO took to Youtube to talk about their history and their newest project!   The Story of how ShowBT started   ShowBT Philippines or Show Business Team Philippines was […]

SB19 Will Have an Online Concert?

In an FB Live on their official SB19’s account, Tatang Robin and Teacher Hong sat down to discuss some updates regarding SB19’s upcoming plans. It has been a couple of weeks, months even since the latest update from SB19’s official management. And just this evening, the management team led by Tatang Robin along with Teacher […]

Project Alpas, A Benefit Gig For Taal

A 2-part benefit gig for the affected families and animals of the Taal Volcano Eruption. Project Alpas is coming your way tomorrow at Game Over PH . ☀ All proceeds from the event will be donated to beneficiaries who are focused on the rehabilitation of those affected by the calamity. The Project Details Project Alpas is […]

Why We Should Rethink How We View Charity

Challenging attitudes, changing lives… I know, I know — this is a very sensitive and emotional topic. And it’s exactly why I’m writing about it. And I’m hoping that you would open your hearts and minds to what I’m about to say. Disclaimer: I am aware that I might not be the best talker. And […]

Think about the 17,000 riders and their families. #SaveAngkas

#SaveAngkas: Angkas issues the most heartfelt public advisory in hopes of saving 17,000 families With the holidays just around the corner and all the hustle and bustle of people trying to buy last-minute gifts for their loved ones, traffic is at its worst. We all know that it is but thanks to Angkas, a ride-hailing […]

Stepping Into a New Era of Pinoy Music with Careless Music

A New Imprint That Is Set To Usher In A Higher Frequency For  Filipino Music Rebranded from Careless Music Manila and now going out as simply just Careless, the collective has officially become an independent record label and has introduced its first batch of signees. Careless Music Careless has steadily soared through the landscape of Manila with […]

One with the Force: A Celebration of the Star Wars Cinematic Universe with Globe

A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY… The very first Star Wars was released bringing together 9 saga films, legions of fans, and characters that will live with us forever. The end? Now that the Star Wars cinematic universe is coming to an end, we here at U DO U gives you […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Dota 2’s Pubstomp TI9 Watch Party Finally Here

Dota 2’s Metro Manila Pubstomp (Official TI9 Watch Party) Finally Here Presented by UDOU in partnership with Game Over & Heineken The most awaited Dota 2 event of the year is finally here. Barcraft United, officially released the list of licensed venues who were awarded a pubstomp to watch the top 16 teams who will make […]

FEATURES: Movie Review of the Action-Packed Thriller, MARIA

MARIA EXCELS, UNAPOLOGETICALLY, AT WHAT IT SEEKS TO BE: A FUN, PULPY, VIOLENT B-MOVIE ACTION ROMP, BUILT UPON REVENGE ‘Maria‘ transports us into a compelling story of a woman scorned—a plethora of unknown power that women can hold. The story follows Lily/Maria (Cristine Reyes) who thought she escaped the world of killings when he retired to […]