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ENCORE FEATURE: Munimuni and Why We Love This Band

Ahhhh, Munimuni. What else can I say, right? They’ve stolen my heart and there’s no way of getting it back. And though I’m out of words when it comes to them, here’s Munimuni and why we love this band.   Munimuni is an indie folk band who immediately made a name for themselves in the […]

LATEST DROP: The Reckless Romantic EP by Where’s Ramona?

The long wait is over! Because The Reckless Romantic EP by Where’s Ramona? is FINALLY here!   This rising band had their successful and heartwarming EP launch at Route 196 last October 19. Finally, The Reckless Romantic EP by Where’s Ramona? dropped on Spotify! All from the University of Santo Tomas, this hot rising band […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Lauv Live in Manila

Heads up, everyone! Because Lauv Live in Manila is happening in 2019—and to ready yourselves, all the details are right here for you!   Mark your calendars, ready your budget. Because Lauv Live in Manila is happening on the 20th of May, 2019!   Who is Lauv? Ari Staprans Leff, best known for his stage […]


It’s that time of the year for the Thomasians again! UST Paskuhan 2018 is here and we’ve got the deets you need to know!   If you’re a Thomasian, you already know what it is. It’s UST Paskuhan 2018 and everyone’s gagging about it! We mean, who wouldn’t? So without further ado, here are the […]

TIME CAPSULE: Best Harana Songs of All-Time

Admit it girls (or even boys)… you love being serenaded whether or not you reciprocate the person’s feelings. And since it’s a thing in the Philippines, here’s our list of the best harana songs of all-time!   If you’ve experienced someone making “harana” or serenade to you, you’d prolly get what I’m saying. It’s just […]

LATEST DROP: Thank U, Next Music Video – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has been teasing us with her tweets… But finally, the Thank U, Next Music Video is here!   ‘Thank U, Next‘ is prolly the self-love anthem of the year 2018. It set off a record after it dropped and everyone was anticipating the music video. Who wouldn’t when Ariana Grande kept on tweeting […]

UDOU EPISODES: Would You Rather Goes To Katip!

You’ve watched our pilot episode and witnessed us doing us. Now, we brought the game to YOU as UDOU Episode: Would You Rather goes to Katip!   Enjoyed our UDOU Episodes: Would You Rather Pilot Episode from last week? Don’t worry, we’ve got more of that right here!   But this time, our UDOU EPISODE: Would You […]

HOTTEST EVENTS IN MANILA: Last Events for 2018!

2019 is fast-approaching. But the fun is not yet over as we give you the hottest deets for the last events for 2018!   This year has been amazing, are we right? Manila has been sooo lucky with all the foreign acts visiting their Filipino fans! Not only that, but our local concerts are surely […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Reassurance Debut Album by RJ Manulid

We’re very lucky to have a little chat with a very talented artist… And we got to know all about the hopeful message behind the Reassurance Debut Album by RJ Manulid! The Reassurance Debut Album by RJ Manulid launched just this November 27 and was made available through Spotify, Bandcamp, Deezer, and Apple Music. The […]