Fortnite teases Birds of Prey collab in next crossover event

Will we be seeing Harley Quinn and the gang join the fight? For the past months, Fortnite has been introducing big collaborations such as with Stranger Things, Star Wars, and Batman. Now, the battle royale game has hinted their next crossover event and it might be with the upcoming film, Birds of Prey! Fortnite took it […]

NBA 2k20 honors Kobe Bryant with in-game tribute

Gone but never forgotten Following the tragic death of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter accident, 2k Sports is offering an in-game tribute to the legendary basketball star through NBA 2K20.  Upon logging in, players are immediately greeted with a simple black and white memorial title card.   2k Games It can also be seen in as a billboard in NBA […]

Valve buffs Earth Spirit, JerAx jokes about retirement

Comeback is real? Following news that OG’s JerAx is retiring from Dota 2 after 7 years, it looks like Valve has a final surprise for the veteran player after buffing his favorite hero, Earth Spirit, only a few hours after his announcement. In the 7.24 patch, Earth Spirit’s Stone Remnant cooldown was reduced from 30 […]

JerAx retires from Dota 2: ‘I have no willingness nor passion to play’

They say all good things come to an end… And that’s exactly what happened after OG revealed that their Position 4, Jesse “JerAx”  Vainikka, will retire from the Dota 2 pro scene, who has been with them throughout their first and second time winning TI. From Boston to Shangai, @iamJERAX allowed us to write a unique […]

Super Nintendo World Theme Park is coming to Orlando

You might also see another one in Hollywood soon! Nintendo together with Universal Studios is officially bringing Super Nintendo World to the West to be part of the upcoming Epic Universe Theme Park in Orlando, Florida. It is said to be up and running in 2023! This was announced during the Q4 2019 investors meeting of […]

Coronavirus simulation game weirdly trends amid outbreak

Is it being ignorant or facing your fears? Following the coronavirus outbreak, a weird (but with reason) game has been trending all over China. On Wednesday, the human annihilation strategy simulation, Plague Inc., suddenly topped the Chinese iOS download charts. Surprisingly, the game has been around since 2012 but because of the real-time events happening, users […]

WESG CS:GO Finals postponed due to coronavirus

There’s still no definite date for the tournament After news that the coronavirus outbreak has been spreading throughout Asia, the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) took a step to postpone the Asia-Pacific CS:GO finals. It’s only been one month since the outbreak yet over 500 people in China have been infected so far. Another confirmed […]

Square Enix hints new mobile Kingdom Hearts game Project Xehanort

Why did he become a seeker of darkness? Just when you thought the Xehanort saga was over, Square Enix comes up with a new Kingdom Hearts mobile game slated for 2020 tentatively called Project Xehanort. It is said to follow Master Xehanort’s story of how he fell into the darkness and became the game’s antagonist. We’ve already seen him […]

New mobile RPG based on Bleach anime coming soon

Follow Ichigo in his journey to become a Soul Reaper Oasis Games just revealed the mobile RPG for the ‘Bleach’ anime titled Bleach: Immortal Soul which is set to be released around March to June in 2020! Officially licensed by Tokyo TV and developed by GREE, you can relive your favorite ‘Bleach’ moments from your childhood! If […]