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upcoming music events for august

August is such an exciting month as we have left and right upcoming music events that will make you want to scream—because one, your

Keiko Necesario

Electro-folk indie artist Keiko Necesario just released her new single Di Bale Na—the first Tagalog single she's ever put out there. I'm thinking it's

Unique Salonga concert

It’s finally here, you guys—a Unique Salonga concert is happening this September 29, announced just two weeks after the surprise release of his

foreign rock bands

I don’t know about you, but I have those moments when I just want to listen to rock bands as they further express my

Local music places

Thank god it’s Friday, again—time to destress after a long week at work, although it may be a huge slap on the face when

elements music camp

You've probably heard about Elements Music Camp with their reunion concert that happened just recently—even wondered where these artists actually came from, and what

Agsunta covers

Agsunta is probably one of the biggest bands in the Philippines nowadays. This talented band started from their #AgsuntaSongRequests and #AgsuntaJamSessions video series on

Top taylor swift show

Before the Reputation tour, every Taylor Swift show has a different gimmick, costume changes, stage acts, among other stunts. You'll see actual portrayal of

Local music collaborations

Don’t you just love having two of your fave artists creating masterpieces of music collaborations? Singles are perfect in their own way, but two

Best local music videos of 2018

We’re changing the look of our local music videos nowadays, and it’s a really good start for our industry. Slowly but surely, left and