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Kamikazee Tagpuan Tour 2018 Announced for Comeback!

UPDATE: Kamikazee has announced that they will be playing in Cavite, Bulacan, Dubai, Baguio, Ilocos, Ilo-Ilo, Cebu, Lucena, Laguna, Davao, Bicol, the US, Canada, Singapore, and of course Manila. Dates are to follow.   Kamikazee surprised us by announcing their comeback Tagpuan Tour 2018! The crowd favorite OPM band has taken a rather long hiatus since […]

DIMAS, DZ SVG (Dino Imperial) Drops DUWD VIP Track

DIMAS released a VIP track of his collaboration with DZ SVG, or more famously known as Dino Imperial, titled “Dope Until We Die (DUWD)” which was initially released a year ago.   UDOU PH got to ask a few questions about the duo:   Why DZ SVG? (Dizzy Savage)   DZ SVG: It started with […]

AfterParty, SM North Luzon Bring the Party to the North

Buckle up, Northerners—AfterParty and SM North Luzon are bringing the party to you. Clear your weekends from October to November and catch Fandom Mania presents: What’s Your Cool!      What’s Your Cool, the biggest back to school party of the year, saw a lineup of the hottest musical acts the local music scene has to […]

‘Malayo Na Tayo’ is a Reality Check for Those Moving On

Silent Sanctuary’s newest single “Malayo na Tayo” and its lyrics perfectly sums up the feelings of someone struggling to move on. It is another ultimate hugot song hit from the classical-rock band.   Everyone goes through a heartbreak at least once in their lifetime. It is definitely one of the hardest rites of passage for […]

Why Relaxing Music Helps While Studying, Reading

Music does indeed help in concentration during studying thanks to proven statistics and science. Here’s also a playlist suited for memorizing or writing that thesis down.   Smartphones and music streaming services paved the way for easy access to your favorite artists at any time of the day. Studying has also become easier thanks to […]

Red Ninja Year Ender Fest 2017’s Lineup, Shirts, and Tickets

Red Ninja will be having their Year Ender Fest for 2017 on December 2, 2017 at the B-Side Collective in Makati. Get ready for a smorgasbord of music. Just like in the previous years, Red Ninja will bring the largest names in the indie OPM industry. If you are looking to hear what our fellow […]

LISTEN: Moirai Mixtape by MC Ronthug, Renz Elma

DJ Renz Elma and MC Ronthug just dropped the Moirai mixtape which includes tracks that will surely make you feel pumped up.   Why Moirai The word Moirai, often known in English as the Fates, comes from Greek Mythology. They are referred to as the incarnations of destiny itself. Moirai controlled the mother thread of life of every […]

Wireless Headphones vs Wired Earphones: Pros, Cons

Everybody has their own pair of headphones, but not everyone can agree whether to buy a wired or bluetooth variant. Both have their respective pros and cons.   In the past, the only debate was between earphones and headphones. Thanks to technology, there is now an entirely new category for audiophiles to argue about.   […]

Win Road to Ultra VIP Tickets with AfterParty!

Catch Hardwell, Zedd, and more of today’s hottest EDM acts at Road to Ultra: Philippines! We know you’re all rushing to score discounted tickets, but how about free tickets? No, we don’t need you to sacrifice an animal or sell your soul to the devil. All you need to do is whip out your phone […]