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Google Play and App Store on a Smartphone

There are literally thousands of applications available on the Google Play or App Store. However, only a select few can actually be worth keeping

Rick Ross

Rick Ross and Skrillex’s “Purple Lamborghini” has officially became a platinum hit in terms of album-equivalent units sold. The song may have had its

Ariana Grande Live

Around 50 people were injured and 19 are dead because of an explosion during the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. Police are

DJ MVRXX and Alwyn Cruz performing cover of Aint no Sunshine

With all the technology our generation is provided with, the gimmicks for Mothers' Day just keep one-upping each other year after year!

Twenty One Pilots live

John Fassold’s The Chainsmokers tutorial video went viral and now he has another hit. This time, he deconstructs the music of Twenty One Pilots. Some

Chance the Rapper dancing in a music video

This just in: Francis and the Lights and Chance the Rapper dropped an official remix of Francis's Farewell Starlite! track! On May 18, Chance tweeted

SUD at Simmer Siren

Most music festivals and concerts that are trending this year are international acts. MCA Music aims to bring the local music scene with GetMusic

Keiko Necessario EP Launch performance at Route 196

Keiko have been dropping hints about her new EP, [ESCAPE], for a while and she has finally dropped a teaser that have made us

MOTM music video

Still can’t get enough of bass drops and catchy tunes to dance to? We are giving you a list of new local tracks for

Summer Siren 2017 foggy performance

Summer Siren 2017 came in HOT and as quickly as you can say wee-woo wee-woo.