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Top Apps You Should Download in the Google Play, App Store

There are literally thousands of applications available on the Google Play or App Store. However, only a select few can actually be worth keeping on your smartphone.   Most smartphones today only have limited spaces for apps, music and videos. It is important to choose your apps wisely.   Camera and Photo Apps     […]

‘Purple Lamborghini’ by Rick Ross, Skrillex goes Platinum Worldwide

Rick Ross and Skrillex’s “Purple Lamborghini” has officially became a platinum hit in terms of album-equivalent units sold. The song may have had its popularity boosted by the “Suicide Squad” movie.   “Purple Lamborghini” featured Rick Ross and Skrillex working side by side for the track. They can also be seen with Jared Leto who […]

Ariana Grande Concert Blast Leaves 50 Injured, European Tour Cancelled?

Around 50 people were injured and 19 are dead because of an explosion during the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. Police are treating the explosion as an act of terrorism as investigation continues.   The explosion was heard after Ariana Grande’s last song as she was exiting the venue. There were over 21,000 […]

Twenty One Pilots Song Tutorial Video Goes Viral

John Fassold’s The Chainsmokers tutorial video went viral and now he has another hit. This time, he deconstructs the music of Twenty One Pilots. Watch complete Twenty One Pilots Song Tutorial video now!   Some may argue that international mainstream music today sound very much alike. What is worse is that most people still eat […]

Watch Chance The Rapper Dance In Latest Collab w/ Francis, Lights

This just in: Francis and the Lights and Chance the Rapper dropped an official remix of Francis’s Farewell Starlite! track!   On May 18, Chance tweeted the visual for the remix, which features himself dancing in front of a mirror in a dim, empty studio, and later joined by Francis Starlite to show off some […]

GetMusic Indie-go 2017 features Autotelic, Reese, SUD

Most music festivals and concerts that are trending this year are international acts. MCA Music aims to bring the local music scene with GetMusic Indie-go happening at the Mall of Asia Arena on May 20, 2017.   If you want to support local artists here in the Philippines, going to GetMusic Indie-go is one way. […]