French artist Woodkick makes a grand return this 2020 offering his sophomore album that is far from the golden age.

It has been 7 years since his highly acclaimed debut album THE GOLDEN AGE became a huge worldwide hit with 800k sales, Platinum certification in France and Germany, 200 shows all over the world, 2 Grammy nominations and one French music academy award. And now, Woodkid is set for a comeback, dropping his brand-new track ‘Goliath’ released on April 24.

Feel the intense, powerful, goosebumps-filled cinematic experience and the newfound artistic direction of Woodkid with this music video.


Not the golden age anymore.

I think this is all about my dangerous fascination for power and scale,” shared the singer-songwriter about ‘Goliath’. “About the massive challenges I’ve had to face in the past years and the growing feeling of insecurity facing the weight of things, I have built over time.”

Woodkid made The Golden Age with the youthful and innocent confidence of knowing everything. ‘Goliath’ is an epic story that tells how the young boy has grown out of this myth, as he is now forced to conquer a bigger world that poses unforeseen challenges, making him confront his own fragility.

Speaking about his latest song, Woodkid said, “Here is me, probably not as strong as I pretended to be. Maybe this is about all forms of toxicity, about the environment, maybe it’s about the speed of information and the furiousness of the music industry, maybe it’s about how I’m trying to find my own peace and temporality through it.”

The music video for ‘Goliath’ was directed by Woodkid himself. This coming-of-age track is now available on Spotify and other streaming platforms worldwide.

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