Let’s face it, Filipinos need to be exposed a lot more to other varieties of OPM!

To be frank, OPM is a lot more than what most Filipinos are used to. Because when you say OPM, most people immediately think of classic rock bands – much like Parokya ni Edgar or Eraserheads. Yes, this thing is not bad at all, but we should know that there is a lot more to OPM.

One OPM group that we greatly recommend to you all is Talahib People’s Music. Check out our video below where we featured them during the last SONIK Philippines.

Moreover, here are some reasons why you should support the group and listen to their songs.

Good Filipino music

Thankfully, we had the opportunity to listen to Talahib People’s Music as they performed in the very-first music conference and festival in the country, SONIK Philippines.

What we really like about their music is that they pay homage to the Filipino heritage with their tribal sounds. Moreover, the vocals of the singers are otherworldly. They are just really heavenly to listen to!

While listening to some of their songs, like ‘Magkaisa sa Kapayapaan’ (Unite for Peace) above, we somehow just felt really connected to our roots. We could say that their music is really identifiable as ‘Filipino’.

Good advocacies

Aside from their beautiful music, the group really stands for good advocacies.

Talahib People's Music

Other than their promotion of the heritage of Filipinos, Talahib People’s Music aims to stand up for the plight of the IPs or the indigenous people of the Philippines. There are a lot of issues that IPs struggle with, and Talahib wants to help our fellow countrymen by bringing awareness regarding these issues and delivering a firm message.

Moreover, they also encourage other local artists to not be afraid to make their stances known within their songs.

Overall, they are just really someone that we should all be proud of.

What do you think of Talahib People’s Music? How did you feel upon listening to their music?

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