Why you should absolutely listen to Joji’s new album ‘Nectar’?

Giving us a taste of his introspective escapades with a dash of lost love, the new album of Joji, ‘Nectar’ is definitely a melancholic brilliance that you should be listened to right now.

After serving us his debut album, Ballads 1, Joji released his highly-anticipated sophomore album last Friday. Known for his highly selective collaborations, Joji created Nectar’s eighteen tracks with assists from a remarkable list of acknowledged icons and new trailblazers: Diplo, Lil Yachty, Yves Tumor, Omar Apollo, rei brown, and BENEE.

To tell you, Nectar’s four pre-release tracks (which brought us to his really weird but interesting world) have earned over 850 million streams collectively to date, with ‘Gimme Love‘ gaining over 4.6 billion views on TikTok, and Joji earning his highest-ever debut on the Billboard Hot 100 for “Run”. 

Aside from it, there are still tons of reasons why I would recommend you listen to his new album. Read it down below!

Ushering us the New Era

Joji is back with a cinematic and contemplative follow-up that he describes as having “a sense of urgency but calm.” The Japanese-Australian singer-songwriter, producer, and former YouTube star Joji (real name George Miller) obviously sent his fans to overdrive with ‘Nectar’ and displayed his work of art and euphoria in his very own way.

With no doubt, I am betting that all of his fans were amazed and filled themselves with more existential questions because of his unique music videos. Oh! What’s more? We could say that his second album celebrates a milestone in Joji’s career not just in creating beautiful tracks but also his grandest ideas when it comes to an extraordinary range of cinematic music videos. 

Wanna believe with us? You can see it for yourself below!


If you remember his first music video for this album, ‘Sanctuary‘ it actually gave us a hint that his whole album will pinpoint that life is unending series of chasing something. Plus, his remarkable new album flaunts his love of sci-fi and as well as depicting a critique of materialism, to an extent. 

Just like how he made fun of his latest drop for ‘Pretty Boy’ which he teased us last April fools’ day. Yep, he finally released it after dropping ‘Nectar’!


His dynamic music

Across its expansive universe of visuals and music, Nectar explores not just the vast of genres that Joji can offer to us but particularly an encapsulation of desire. Simply put, it flaunts what every living being is innately drawn to and the ends they’ll go to reach it. A true stunner, right?

It’s like a shape-shifting sound that underpins how every people tried to discover their desires and yearns for it to ends of the universe. Additionally, the album lives in the in-between space where definitely his multiple genres dissolve into each other. You can obviously hear R&B will be immersed into a lowkey pop, and then will serve his electronic sound. 

In line with that, it also takes us into an adventure that you’ll definitely like the journey and be sad about it because love gave you nothing but only jaded eyes. 

A work of art

Aside from his genuine great new tracks, it also introduced us to the matured side of ‘Joji’.  There is a major improvement in songwriting. In line with that, I will truly recommend dive into ‘Like You Do‘ which is a tear-jerking track and arguably the best track along ‘Sanctuary‘. 


Moreover, to celebrate Nectar’s release, Joji recently debuted a new line of merchandise, which includes cool specially-printed t-shirts and hoodies! Yay! What’s the cutest he also announced that there will be a limited edition pot of honey made in collaboration with Eli’s Bee Company. 

Overall, I could honestly say that Nectar is his best to date. It is a calming wonder to the ears and Joji has also transcended himself on with this album.

What do you think about the new album by Joji, ‘Nectar’?

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