In my years of doing events, music and otherwise –this is probably the first time that I am actually gonna be going down to the nitty and gritty of it all to prove a point.

Karpos Multimedia has been known for starting a cult-following of indie acts in the country. Through their creation of Wanderland, which started roughly a couple years back that is mainly set to bring indie to a wider audience (Pinoy indie included). And, if you haven’t noticed already — they have done just that, if not more.

With over hundreds of thousand of event goers, I’d say it is a huge success — Karpos Multimedia, has redefined the indie scene in the country, and I would never complain — after all, one of their main goals is to bring indie acts to you and me , and in every event , I’d say that almost everyone had a pocketful of discoveries and a new Spotify playlist to listen to.

Karpos Live

We could never deny that being an artist in this era has its up and downs — some of the lows mainly attributed to the fact that albums are no longer sold over the counter but is rather streamed in online playing platforms such as Spotify, and iTunes. Along with the relentless truth that there’s a higher number of competition amongst artists and performers — Imagine, having to compete with almost everyone for a minute to play and showcase what you have to say (artistically).

But, nevertheless, in this world too — I’ve learned that passion is reigning queen, and Karpos Multimedia is always there to back the indie scene up, and again to make sure of that — they’ve recently release of Karpos Live: Mix 1.1 , where the equation is mainly composed of uplifting homegrown acts as they open up your palate to international acts whilst ensuring that you are having a damn good time.

Local talent deserves a spot in the international music scene.

Perhaps one of the most heart-wrenching reality in this industry (music, & events) is that our acts are mainly opening acts to some of the worlds’ international artists during some of the biggest, baddest music festivals in the country. And quite ironically, Filipinos are known to be a bunch of musical people with some of our very own (Charice Pempengco) recognized in the international stage.

However, I do believe with the strengthening of the OPM scene in the country and with some of the top emerging artists being of the same wavelength as the top international acts –I’d say that it is but high time to go out there and promote what we as, Filipinos can add into this universal arena of music.

More than anything, I believe that the “international quality” comes from the truth that our artists play from their heart. Just look at the recently held Karpos Live performance, where an intimate gathering of some of the best upcoming artists showed that the love of music and playing is attuned to the beat of their every performance.

So, I guess — with more shows set on their featured stage, we — as both music lovers and as Filipinos, get out to support and love our very own music scene while we open ourselves up to other homegrown acts, let us open up our palates to new tastes.

List of the upcoming schedules are here. Check it out.