The Pring siblings are all over the place, literally! We hung out with the pair in the midst of a photoshoot for local streetwear brand, Heartless PH.

Many people think the siblings had it easy and continue having it easy. Truth is, not everyone sees the hard work and dedication they put into their work. From sleepless nights to red eye flights, they always give their 110%.

Their Own Escapades

Ever since landing a gig as a music video jock in 2012, Joyce has kept the ball rolling with big hosting stints like “Eat Bulaga”, “FoodTrip”, and “Achievement Unlocked”, a radio show on Magic 89.9, managing JoycePringTV, a rising music career, and a freshly signed contract with GMA Network. Her younger brother, Victor, got his break by a twist of fate. Due to an absent emcee at a club, he was asked to cover and lo and behold—he was asked to do another night! He honed his talent as more gigs came through, eventually flying him to massive events like Laboracay and a residency in Universe Gastrolounge & Nightclub. Victor’s other endeavors include Heartless PH (yup, they let us crash their shoot), his streetwear brainchild with Rocky Ramos.

Even if the siblings are in the same industry, their career paths still differ. However, their love for music always brings them together. Victor tells us how Joyce learnt to play the piano on her own inside a Toy Kingdom, a heartwarming story in itself. She transformed her natural talent into a love and comfortability of performing on stage. On the other hand, Victor found his course thanks to his passion for music and seemingly limitless energy. His ability to fuse his leadership with his work can turn a monochromatic room into a rainbow-covered space of good vibes, proving that he truly is one of the best emcees today.

Connections and Personal Encounters

As performers, the siblings are always reaching for the stars. Everything they do encompasses their blood, sweat, tears, and wholeheartedness. Their careers include a lot of social interaction and with AfterParty, they’re able to connect to these people and extend that connection into a full-fledged friendship. As artists, they’ll be able to help their audiences have more fun by giving them a chance to win tickets to the most happening events and hot prizes. Additionally, AfterParty connects you with people in the same events, meaning you’ll never have to attend an event alone!

As a bonus, we put them on the hot seat for a few “Which sibling is…” questions. A friendly round, of course, but nonetheless amusing.

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