Sho Isomura talks to us about the life of being an open format DJ—the music, the gigs, and the backend.

Personal Style

As an open format DJ, Sho’s learnt to further stretch his ear for good music. The technicalities of his skill are evident in how he incorporates the crowd’s energy into his mixing. In a small bar setting, he opts for old school hip hop and R&B. His weapon of choice for big rooms are trap and EDM, and when the opening spotlight is on him he goes for future house and deep house. Sho knows what the people want, when they want it, but most importantly where they want it.

A Rising Rookie

He might be relatively new to the scene but you can’t find him in just one place. If you’re lucky, you can check him out in The Palace, Early Night?, or Tipple & Slaw. If you’re having a hard time, you can follow him on AfterParty! Thanks to the app’s convenience, he can do his personal marketing via the app and it’ll be easier for all of you trying to vibe with his music.

Watch out for Sho Isomura and Marc Marasigan’s tandem on August 26 for the biggest college party of the year: What’s Your Cool!

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