Autotelic is the saving grace the local music scene was in desperate need of. It’s hard to cage them to one specific genre but if there’s one thing that we’re sure of, it’s that they’re just too damn catchy to ignore.

The Speakeasy Studio

As we walked up a narrow set of stairs, faint music began to echo the residential hallway. A brown door with a cute little penguin and a sign met us on the second floor; we were finally there! We were kindly greeted by a man standing behind the reception desk, and to our right, Autotelic was in the middle of a jam session.

The band, minus Kai Honasan who had flown to Singapore that morning, warmly welcomed us inside the cozy rehearsal space. Despite the fact that we basically crashed their session, they eagerly told us about the band’s preparation in their early days. Their individual musical frameworks are met with a common ground—the unique Japanese-synth-alternative sound of Autotelic. They believe in the power of a musician’s self-satisfaction because it’s been a huge factor in their success so far. “Selling out” is no longer a thing due to the blurred line between independent and mainstream music; it doesn’t really matter if they make money, their autotelic is to make a positive impact on the local music scene. They released their first studio album “Papunta Pabalik” under major label MCA Music in September last year, and is currently up for four Awit Award nominations including Record of the Year. They’re definitely one of the bands that let their music speak for itself.

An Undeviating Link

With social media as their main platform, Autotelic will be able to directly connect with their fans through AfterParty. Their gig schedule is the first thing a fan sees on their artist profile and that feature makes for a very effective promotion tool. Autotelic’s fans no longer have to ask the band for gig details because it’s all on AfterParty! Oh, and they totally approve of our twinning logos.

Catch Autotelic’s dreamy set on August 26 for What’s Your Cool in URBN QC! Don’t forget to download the official AfterParty app on the App Store/GooglePlay for entrance. See you there!

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