The boys have done it again, bringing us to another rollercoaster ride of tears and hope with their new singles, Fools (Reprise) and Fake Love, released on the same day via Sony Philippines.

Written, composed and produced by the band, both singles are characterized by multiple genres such as pop, gospel, and RNB, blending together into a unique, dynamic musical experience that can make you silently weep one second and make your heart race in another.

“I want that real love

Don’t need no fake love

I’m looking for that real love”

We have all been there: in that ugly situation in which we were madly in love with someone but we didn’t know our place– did we have a spot in their heart or we were simply aching for love that would never come?

Fake Love

With their song, Fake Love, Nathan & Mercury brought us back to this sad place within all of us; we are left singing about that deep, yearning feeling that was never satisfied no matter how many self-healing quotes you’ve sworn to live by.

But unlike your ex romantic partner, the four-man OPM band did not leave us hanging. As the song progresses and the basslines go wilder, they suddenly slap us with the realization that yeah, it was, indeed, nothing but “fake love” all along and why should we go crazy for something that isn’t even real?

This is a point they tackled more deeply on their second track, Fools.

“Times have changed, but it’s not too late

Rushed my heart when I could have just waited”

We are so afraid that we would go crazy if we lose our beloved one, even to a point that we actually lose it while we still have them.

We long for so much more that we tend to sabotage not only our relationships but also ourselves. Our hearts can be stupid sometimes, can’t they? 

With a similar musical arrangement as Fake Love, Nathan & Mercury’s Fools captures that moment when we finally come to face the reality that love is a process and we should just take it easy.

After all, love is a beautiful thing, and you don’t ruin beautiful things.

Do you have the same sentiments about these new singles by Nathan & Mercury?
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