Continuing to turn heads with his brand of R&B and neo-soul tinged songs, Arthur Nery is back with a beautifully immersive and soothing track entitled “TAKE ALL THE LOVE” with over 200K streams on Spotify. Here Arthur pens another heartfelt song under Viva Records that is currently featured on Apple Music’s Absolute OPM playlist.
Infused with chill and slow-burner feels, this song carries an intangible weight to every hopeless love and pained lyrics it dishes out. It underpins the sad truth of unrequited love while one still holds on desperately and faithfully.
With over 60 Million streams on Spotify, Arthur Nery definitely is one of the buzzing R&B singer-songwriters today. His tracks truly move the soul with his deft execution in song craft and singing.
What’s more, Arthur will also release an official music video as he seems to trod on a winning formula with this new song. With its romantic faux strings and precise R&B vocal stylings on the verses as he sings ‘Oh I live to appreciate you/ Take all the love that I give / All that I wish is for you to take me / But I taste the lies on your lips/ I count the days/ when we’re in love / Cuz I only matter when he’s not around/Oh but I live to appreciate you / Take all the love that I give’.
The instrumentation radiates while Arthur’s vocals touch on a deeper level. In this song, Arthur continues to improve on his craft and his passion for songwriting, resulting in an effortlessly cool vibe that is also equally romantic.

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