LANY’s “Super Far” was beaten by Quest’s “Unang Hakbang”  on Spotify’s Philippines Viral 50 playlist for August 9, 2017.

Quest took the top 2 spot as a new entry in the Philippines Viral 50 playlist on Spotify. The “Unang Hakbang” track was just released a few days ago on the music streaming app and it’s now making waves.

Taking the Top 2 Spot

Still sitting pretty at the top 1 spot is KZ Tandingan’s rendition of “Two Less Lonely People” for the official soundtrack of “Kita Kita”,” which is probably the larger reason for its success. The movie was a hit because of its stars Empoy Marquez and Alessandra De Rossi.

Personally, I think “Unang Hakbang” will take another step (pun intended) towards the top spot in the following weeks. The song is a sequel to the sad “Walang Hanggan” track released by Quest as part of his “Life Of A Champion” album in 2016.

Even if the international stars LANY recently had a series of mini concerts at Ayala Malls, their “Super Far” track is still at the third spot. There seems to be more fans fond of the sad yet hopeful track by our own Quest, who will unveil the official music video on August 28.

Lyrics Contrast

“Unang Hakbang” continues where “Walang Hanggan” ended (ironic, I know). Just look at the contrast of their lyrics.

Walang Hanggan: Bakit nandiyan ka sa dulo?
Pwede bang kalimutan mong may dulo?

Unang Hakbang: Pwede na kong sumuko

Dito na lang sa dulo

Pero sinubukan kong matuto

And then there’s the chorus:

Pwede ka nang kumawala

Dyan sa rehas mong gawa-gawa

Wag nang magpanggap na nawawala

Wala namang mawawala kung magsimulang muli

While Quest’s first song tells the story of someone who tries to salvage an ended relationship, the second one now encourages the same person to start over and move on. The words really dig deep, but it does speak the truth. You need to let go if you really want to heal your emotional and mental wounds.

Spotify’s Philippines Viral 50 playlist also includes several songs from the “Baby Driver” film that just came out. They include Sky Ferreira’s version of “Easy” and “B-A-B-Y” by Carla Thomas. Kid Koala’s “Was He Slow?” mix from the movie is also included.

Other entries that Quest beat besides LANY include Brisom’s “Balewala” and even Cara Delevingne’s “I Feel Everything.” Watch his recent Rappler Live Jam with Keiko Necesario below:

Are you ready to move on?