Fans all over might have had to wait for a while, but their patience is to be rewarded now as we get a chance at a sit down with DJ LaCrème. Done live during the Castaway Music Festival 2018 at SM City Clark, the Englishman unleashed a blow by blow account of who he is. It was a great experience for me as I got the chance to speak with LaCrème himself about Castaway, his inspiration, & a bit more about his music and his tracks, check it out below.

On Who is DJ LaCrème

DJ LaCrème is known to have emerged from the drum n bass & UK garage scene in England way back in early 2001. LaCrème quickly transitioned into becoming one of the most known hip-hop DJs in the country. And in 2013 he exploded onto the EDM scene, gaining massive popularity. He went onto play at the biggest clubs and festivals in cities across Asia.

Why become a Dj?

“I’ve come from a musical family, my mom had always been into reggae, so having that influence along with a mix-heritage. I guess you could say that it was inevitable that I go into the music industry.”

What’s the most INCISIVE moment of your DJ Career?

“Last year I was voted as the #1 DJ in Asia, and that was really it for me. We all know that without a hit track, it’s almost impossible to get known and be right up there with the rest of the top DJ’s, I’ve always dreamt of achieving that, not just for having a popular song, but to achieve that from being a Dj. That recognition is amazing.”

What’s your Style?

“Now most my bookings are for EDM but I still prefer to play hip-hop. EDM is always changing, I remember when I first started out, EDM wasn’t really my thing, coming from playing mainly hip-hop, I found it difficult to look for tracks I like, since I had to adjust to my usual hip-hop mash-ups. But now most the tracks I play when playing EDM are my own EDM and hip-hop mashups with a popular hip-hop track in the breakdowns and then a big electro bouncy drop”

What is the biggest challenge you’ve encountered so far?

“I think my main and biggest challenge is not producing the tracks that I love, I mean I love my Old School garage music and old school hip hop which isn’t so current right now, so I guess,  it’s about not putting too much of me into it, rather it is about looking at what’s working out there right now. It is the same with my DJ-ing, I think that’s part of why my shows are successful, it is because I keep what my audience wants in mind, and I don’t play what I like to listen to as I can do that in my car, so instead, I play for the crowd in front of me.”

How’s the Philippine Crowd?

” I play in the Philippines quite a lot, definitely one of the main countries that I play in. The crowd is crazy, I love them. I mean I can come and play something different and they’d still dance and bounce to it, they’ll still love and appreciate it. That’s what I love about the Philippines, you don’t always have to play what’s popular, you can play something new and they’d still take it. I love the crowd, I really do, so for all the DJ’s out there, I recommend that you come and play in the Philippines, you’ll love it.”

Tell us something about your Castaway Experience

” This is my second castaway, my first one was last year and it was a great show. They really do know how to put things together. Everything was set perfectly, the crowd is wild, so happy to be back again this time. The team did a great job.”

Described in the music scene as having a truly unique style, his creativity that allows the mixing across all genres allows him to adapt to any crowd, keeping them hopping throughout his high-energy sets.
His music is that of a popular blend of hip-hop, trap and electro house, with custom mashups that makes him one of the most sought-after DJs all over Asia.

To get to know him more watch the video interview below: