To fathom an artist’s work takes far more than just watching one set. Fortunately for me, in this first of many UDOU’s Behind the Deck series,  I get to have the opportunity at a sit down with some of the most talented DJ’s and artists’ in the country.

With that, I present you with an exclusive from one of the most promising up and coming DJ’s in the country – DJ Gigz Reyes.

Off-cam, before I even start “grilling” my interviewees, I usually start with small talks to get them comfortable and warmed-up. Over the years, I’ve found this technique to be really helpful when you want the best and most natural answers out of them.

In this case, however, I found it irrelevant since DJ Gigz is an easy person to talk to. He’s like an open-book that you can readily speak to and relate to. With that, let’s get down to it, shall we?

The Interview

DJ Gigz has been in the DJ scene for over  5 years now, he started around 2013 right after he saw Afrojack headlining for Close up’s Summer Solstice Philippines last April 27, 2013. From that moment to now, his growing hunger and passion for DJ-ing have mainly increased tenfold, and EDM music lovers out there should rejoice; they now have another skilled DJ to add to their mix!

Inspired mostly by both International and Local artists, DJ Gigz’ style is a mash-up from Martin Garrix, Zedd to Marc Marasigan x DJ X-Factor x David Ardiente.

On Why He Chose Dj-ing

Gigz, as his closest friends call him, is typically a people person, he loves big crowds and finds it totally natural to be amongst them. Channeling this personality and mixing it with his passion for music is possibly the smoothest combination there is. It is a no-brainer then that he has chosen to become a DJ. We even caught him saying ” I’m passionate about it, I love what I do, I love making people happy”, and his music does speak volumes.

“My Music will tell you more about me than I ever will”

Love for Music + Love for People + Love for Fun = A Great DJ

I know that there isn’t a clear-cut equation for success, but with how my interview (on-cam & off-cam) with him went, I’d say that there is a specific laid out formula by him (unknowingly), and that I have  freely broken down into 4 simple steps:

1. Have a personable attitude – Carrying a great attitude towards every little thing that you do makes all the difference in the world. Being personable means that you have to know how to adjust to every situation you’re thrown with, may it be people or events. And with this guy right here, I’d say that he has all that. Not only was I able to see how humble he was,  but I was also able to see how he is a real team player, and that more than just shrill talent is needed for you to stay and scale in this industry.

2. Work Hard – Working Hard is every person’s bread and butter if they want to grow big into whatever career they’ve chosen. It is akin to a gas fuel for every car’s engine. Without it, nothing will start or finish. So, working hard as per him is one of the key elements that is badly needed to scale it further, and we couldn’t agree more.

3. Be Consistent – Consistency is basically one of the most important factors that is often overlooked. Without consistency, all efforts won’t amount to anything in the long-term. The ability to work hard at every turn in every event that is needing you to is what separates those who succeed and becomes a legend from one-time hit wonders, and we definitely want the former than the latter.

4. Stay Humble – One of the most basic truths that everyone should hear and have is this – the ability to stay humble no matter how big you get. Yes, we get that with talent and recognition comes fame, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But to keep yourself grounded as you continue to push for greatness is key, for once you are too full of yourself, you won’t get to go anywhere els. Always be objective on how you can still better yourself/craft, and you can only do this by staying humble.

We’ve probably heard all of those before, and it might not be as original as what the others have. But it is what’s needed and what is really tested and true. Seeing a young man speak so passionately about Dj-ing as he did is truly inspiring. It made me want to try it out for myself!

His career in a nutshell

DJ Gigz Reyes is not new to the EDM music/festival scene, he has been an opener at countless festivals (Castaway Music Festival 2018, What’s Your Cool Music Festival, etc.,) with some of the top DJ’s in Southeast Asia like DJ La Creme & DJ Ace Ramos, all this while he regularly opens at Valkyrie, URBN QC, Core Night Club, Pool Club, etc.,)

During this year’s opening at Castaway Music Festival 2018 at SM City Clark, we had the pleasure of watching him open, and it was lit AF! even if he had barely any sleep since he also just came from another event (Buhusan – Lucban).

It is of no question that being an opener in any festival is not an easy task since the whole event’s flow usually relies on how it was opened, but with DJ Gigz Reyes’ set on that night (which he has prepared for two weeks) that was inspired by Oliver Heldens, I can  then say that in the next 2 to 3 years’ if the EDM Music scene will continue to prosper, we’ll very much have people clamoring for him to play at every hopping club in the country.

So watch out for DJ Gigz Reyes, check him out on his FB account here. And thank us right after!

**Note: A video blog will also be posted right after this article, so watch out for it!