Throughout my time as a writer and as an editor I have had the privilege of speaking with and interviewing some of the most renowned names in different industries. But just last week during the Castaway Festival at SM Clark after I concluded my interview with the group, my heart skipped a beat, I know that these four amazing young musicians will be responsible for shaping dance music as we know it today. And I get to share their thoughts exclusively as a group. I am beyond ecstatic.

If some of our younger readers or those who have only recently gotten into dance music is unfamiliar with them (which I highly doubt), then thank God, that you have come across this piece. We all know that the Flipino EDM Music scene has a huge space to grow. And they as a collective will very much have a part in building it into something that we will all be proud of. As one of the firsts persons to see this a whole, I’d give them a huge thumbs up for never stopping in their quest for this greatness. Their music and who they are as artists are a great example for all the youths aspirants out there to continue in their drive to seek   Love and Respect for their own art, whatever it may be.

With all that, here is a concise write-up of how my interview with them went down. First, let me introduce the Dynamic Four.

The Individuals behind the Art

Alwyn Cruz

“Remember always that the journey is always better than the destination.” -Alwyn

Alwyn Cruz is one of the Brand Ambassadors of SM Youth for Music, He is known to be the main guitar guy behind EDM’s most soulful tracks but aside from this, he is also known for his painstakingly cheery personality that truly hypes up the crowd. In hindsight thou, he is a very talented Digital Illustrator and Graphic Animator.

Angelica Castro x “Stro”

“There are 3 things I try to live b: 1. Live in the present, live TODAY. It’s all you really have. 2. It’s okay to be scared, failing will make only take you up. Losing will make you fight harder. Change will make you do better. 3. BELIEVE. in magic, in a vision, most importantly believe in yourself. ” – Stro. 

Angelica Castro aka Stro, is one of the femme fatales of EDM. She is by right one of the most talented Multimedia Artists “VJ’s” who does Live Visuals, a very important aspect of EDM that keeps the party hopping.

John Sedano

“I chose to DJ to be able to share the music I create in front of thousands of people. I believe that music transcends all barriers, bringing people from different backgrounds together, as they unite for a common cause.” – John Sedano 

DJ John Sedano, is possibly one of the most political and relevant DJ’s out there (at least for me he is) His works can be summed up to say that it’s Dark, Angry, and Vengeful. It’s a call to arms for all the youth out there to start seeing that the simple context of music is not really just for simple fun rather they should have it bridge a barrier to taking hold of their own future, by standing up. It is an intelligent mash-up of beats with an actual context. It reminds us that we are who we are because of the why’s that drives us.

Marxx Monterola

Being a Youth is about being who you want to be at any stage of your life. – Marxx

A fellow SM Youth Brand Ambassador for Music, DJ Marxx Monterola is known to have started out as one of the most noted alumni at Bounce Electronic Music & DJ School. He has been out there as one of the top performers who has opened for some of the top noted artists in both the local & the international scene.

The Collective Interview

Why the EDM scene

“The main reason why we chose the EDM music scene is that of how it makes us feel. It is the trigger that lets us truly come alive, it makes our blood boil with excitement. It is our very own “Neverland”. So, for those who haven’t tried to be in this scene, they really should. Having a “nightlife” is possibly one of the most fun and most interesting industries out there. You are missing a lot if you haven’t tried it, do it now”

How does it feel like to be chosen as the SM Youth Ambassador for Music?

“It feels great, of course. We can’t be more happy that we were chosen by such a prestigious company. We now have a platform, an outlet to share with all those aspiring youths out there. We can’t be more thrilled that we were chosen to be the ones who will help these young minds build themselves through music. To the SM Family, we can’t thank you enough. Good Job!”

What’s your message to all Aspiring Musicians out there?

“Well, to be honest, for all of us, we still are aspirants. We believe that we have yet to conquer our own mountains. We aren’t totally there yet. It’s just that we never stopped believing. And that I think is very important, no matter how hard it got we never stopped from pushing ourselves forward. More importantly is that we need to surround ourselves with family and people who support you. Admittedly, none of us here would make it without the support from the rest of us. We needed each other.” Stro

“We aren’t there yet, Really, we do not consider ourselves on the top, we are not yet there. We need to continue dreaming and dreaming and dreaming.” Alwyn

“Never Stop, Never Settle.” – Marxx

“All of what they said is true, it is real. But, the most important for me is to BELIEVE in YOURSELF. No one else will but you. Plus, get to find people who will believe in you no matter what. For when you’re feeling down and empty, even to a point of not having the trust and confidence in yourself, these people will still be there to help you believe in yourself, even if you don’t, they still will. – John

How’s the Castaway Experience?

“For us, it is the best one ever, I mean the crowd is just amazing, even if you play early with whatever songs, they will still dance and move towards your music. And that for us is a really big thing, it is something we truly appreciate.” John

“The crowd is insane, They’re very responsive to the music, whether it be old or new.  They’re so energetic, youthful and strong. They are the perfect crowd for festivals.” Marxx

“For me, this is very special. It is the very first time that we get to play as a collective. I mean, yeah we have been duo’s with Alwyn x Marxx, Me and John, Me and Marxx , and JohnX Alwyn. But to get to play as a whole? That’s just crazy and we thank Castaway for the opportunity. We love it. Stro

The dynamic Four is a step-up from the usual duo or trio in the EDM Music scene, and usually, it is very difficult to introduce something new, since people would usually go for what’s sellable. But with their crown stomping beats and mash-ups during the recently concluded Castaway Music Festival 2018 last April 6 at SM City Clark, I’d say that they have transcended such a barrier.

The crowd and event goers have a whole new collective of artists to look out for, whether they are introduced as an individual, a duo, a trio or a dynamic four. We sure are to be treated with only the best. Here’s a toast to such go-getters. More awesomeness in the future, please?

More of passion, love, mashed up with actual depth and context please, and thank you! There’s an actual group of rising stars that have such promise. We have hope.

Check the whole interview out below (in tagalog) :