uDOu continually supports artists who are starting or have started to carve their names in the international stage with buzz-building singles, here is the very first list of our hottest picks for the Top Rising Asian artists that should be on your radar this 2020!

Being an International Artist whose recognised outside of your home country entails a lot of effort, much more when it comes to representing Asian musicians in the industry. Historically, others who did make it took a number of years to set a name in international stardom while a few of artists made their milestone marks with their album tours after becoming mega popular with their viral releases. But there’s still a lot of underrated Asian artists who are still far from taking over bigger platforms, and honestly we can no longer stand and watch it.

So, to help them make headlines and get recognised for their awesome talent, here at uDOu, we’re proudly presenting our Top Rising Asian Artists who wears their Asian identity with pride. After we ushered in our favourite Asian hits last week, of course, we would like also to showcase Asian artists who deserve to be known.

Check out the first ever published list of UDOU’s Top Rising Asian artists who we believe will set to break records this year!


Hailing from Kanagawa, this R&B and hip hop Japanese singer-songwriter gives us a different spin in the age of J-pop. In case you’re curious how her name came to be, Iri chose to use her moniker instead of using her legal name in public.

She happily shares plenty of her craft with a youthful touch and basically her lyricism is a gateway for her to touch lives for those who are mainly 20ish in modern Japan.

You can enjoy her emerging head-boppy tracks with a husky voice that excellently flaunts her singing and rapping. With an excellent pool of producers shaping her tracks, we can say that she really does put out some of the best Japanese pop tracks in the last few years, not convinced? Check out her album Shade and of course, her latest album, Sparkle


No Rome

One of the emerging Pinoy Pride artists in this generation, we’re really excited to put No Rome on this list! He became one the most recognisable international Asian artists alongside his fellow Filipino Dirty Hit labelmates Beabadoobee who recently joined 88rising’s virtual concert. We couldn’t be any prouder for these two!

Digging a little more, No Rome grew up in a musically inclined family in Manila and basically was surrounded by his instrumentalist and songwriter father, Jun and his mother, Sally, a former vocal coach. No wonder why  he got that great inclination to music! With such passion it is a no-brainer that he successfully made records and became adored by The 1975‘s frontman, Matty Healy.


In case you don’t know yet, No Rome just recently released a track that includes a collaboration with Beabadoobee and Jay Som called ‘Hurry Home‘. This four-minute track takes off with Beabadoobee’s sweet vocals etched with dreamy tunes along with No Rome and Jay Som.

The Steve McQueens

The Steve Mcqueens is a quartet formed in 2013 as a forging of four mercurial talents in Singapore. Swerving between cool seduction and gripping magnetism, the up-and-coming band from Southeast Asia brings their high hopes to be known all over the world.

Their progressive band full of self-titled, neo-vintage soul funk, sounds have grown and is recognised with line-ups from festivals like the Tokyo Jazz Festival and Summersonic (Japan), Java Jazz (Indonesia), SingJazz (Singapore), Melbourne International Jazz Fest (Australia) and Jarasum International Jazz Festival (Korea). Looks like they’re totally leaving an indomitable mark on any listener in different places!

This year, the Singapore nu-jazz band have dropped their long-awaited brand newly-released track called ‘Firefly’ under Singapore based indie label Umami Records. Also, it is their first release after their acclaimed full-length album, ‘TERRAЯIUM’ in 2017. Perhaps, this Singaporean band is gearing for more great tracks for this year! Better watch out for more surprises from them!



Who proclaimed themselves as the worst band in the universe? (Sarcastically of course!) one of the OG rock bands in Taiwan! They humorously embraced that tag line as a great contrast to their canonical attitude in writing cult songs. ‘88Balaz‘ since then has continually demonstrated the most furious aesthetics in their almost 23 years in the industry! The band’s name originally came in Chinese words, “88 guava seeds” pronounced as “ba shi ba ke ba le zi.”

In case you haven’t heard them yet, this band is heavily influenced by Nirvana, Guns N’Roses and other bands with music elements from the blues rock. With over 1000 live performing experiences, 88Balaz is also known for their expressive power when they are performing! What’s not to like, right? No doubt that the band have won Best Live Performance award for two consecutive years at the Golden Indie Music Awards!

Oh and did we mention that uDou had an opportunity to get to know more about them just last year during Sonik Philippines 2019! You can freely watch it below.


After their “B Walkman” tour which covered many countries among Europe and Asia, what do you think  88Balaz has in store for us for this year? Stay tuned! Keep updated with their social media accounts!


Aside from Iri, we would like also to share the music of Soran who also is of Japanese descent, he was raised by her Japanese mother on the south shore of Montreal. He eventually became fond of learning and experimenting with music because he grew up surrounded by his French father’s musical instruments. Soran remembers feverishly composing and recording catchy hits until he initially gained a strong fanbase after appearing on La Voix (The Voice) producers, an uber-popular TV show in Quebec.

He successfully released captivating singles and collaborated with great artists such as Belgium DJ and Henri PFR on his summer single called ‘Going On‘, which was a certified gold hit in Belgium. Now, he’s back with his latest track ‘Right Here‘ released under Universal Music Canada.

Demie Cao

demie cao

Rising LA-based singer-songwriter Demie Cao is one of the successful Chinese-American who is currently slating digital platforms with her head-boppy tracks. With her official debut in China, ‘Night Vision‘ that landed on Billboard Asia’s 2019 ‘Best of Rap: URBAN ASIA Vol. 2‘. What else can we say? It is pretty amazing, right?

For this year thou, she has dropped another track which also delivers in sharp verses, the track is called ‘Sage‘. A good fact to know, she actually honed her craft in music within the K-Pop music industry in Seoul and she eventually fostered her writing skills in an underground studio work house in Beijing. Her latest single follows Demie’s debut English single, ‘Yung’ which has gained over 20,000 streams on Spotify!

Still craving for more of her captivating beats? Stay tuned and follow her on her different social media accounts for more updates!

Fire Ex

Aside from 88Balaz, there’s another pop punk/ punk rock band called ‘Fire Ex‘ from Taiwan who is totally known for their social activism. Fire EX was formed in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2000 and has released five full albums and many singles.

Comprised of Sam YangOrio, Jc and Kg , this band combines punk rock with lyrics that reflect the experience of everyday life and captures the vibes of the current zeitgeist, striking a chord with Taiwanese audience and successfully championed amazing causes in Taiwan. Moreover, Fire Ex is said to be one of those bands who stands strong even after nearly two decades in their career.  Besides that, this band is also hailed as the “People’s Band of Taiwan”

 Peach Tree Rascals

Hailing from Bay Area, this five-piece band is known for their notable genre-blurring bop tracks and definitely serving us feel-food beat singles which will make your day feel really great!

After their successful viral track, ‘Mariposa‘, Peach Tree Rascals offered us another dreamy upbeat song called ‘Deer‘ which showcases the immense good vibes of their collective sound that is obviously seen through its official music video.

The collective is comprised of Dom, ‘Isaac’, Tarrek, Joseph, and Jorge. We can definitely say that this rising band is not just a bunch of humble guys, who just love to create and share their music but is truly a hidden gem! Along with you guys, we cannot wait for what Peach Tree Rascals has in store for us next! Especially since two of them are our own Filipino representatives – Joseph & Jasper! Maybe, after this pandemic, we could finally hear Peach Tree Rascal live here in the Philippines!

Violette Wautier

One of  Thai’s rising artists that we truly recommend is Violette Wautier! This Thai staple star is definitely making noise in all digital platforms this year as she recently dropped her debut album called ‘Glitters and Smoke‘. With her musical endeavours leading to chart-topping singles and glowing coverage from Time Out, Bangkok Post and Fungjai, her career to date has gained accolades and critical acclaim in both fields. To know her more, you can watch our special interview with her below!

 It is also such a good thing to note that this rising Thai star has undeniable great skills in acting that made her won Suphannahong Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2016, she also has stunning skills in songwriting as well!

We truly can’t deny that she is indeed one of Thailand’s most beloved talents in the worlds of both film and music. And yes, she definitely needs to be known Internationally!

We also cannot wait for her upcoming ‘Wong Kar-Wai‘ film too!


Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

Last but not the least, giving us an abundance of lush harmonies and and soulful grooves, Gareth.T released his first single under Singapore based indie label Umami Records. With his debut single, ‘best me i can’ — a smooth R&B track that conveys about making the best while we are still breathing (like uDOu?); we can always strive to be the best version of ourselves. In case you haven’t check his latest track yet, you can give it a listen below!

Gareth.T is also not just fond of singing but he’s also a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer! Whoa, he’s really a jack of all trades! What’s another good thing about him is that he also allows himself to express his own unique style which you can hear through his latest single.

What’s more? Gareth.T has been releasing a track every month this year and will be keeping up this prolific pace moving forward! So, for his avid fans, you absolutely know the drill every month!

Which of these amazing Asian artists is your favorite?

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