Honestly speaking, I am not that familiar with whose behind which music out there, in layman’s term rather who the Producers are, but after knowing that Road to Ultra Korea, the Countdown will headline Tony Junior, an actual Producer — I was instantly filled with butterflies. I mean I’ll be able to talk to a music creator. And that for me is quite an experience in itself.

So, last May 12, 2018 at CHAOS Manila, during the Road to Ultra Korea Countdown, I was really psyched to get a couple of minutes to talk to him after his rockin’ performance. It was really amazing to see someone hype the crowd like he did. He showed a different level of showmanship for a DJ that I’ve never really encountered before.

He basically brought me back to the good ol’ days when DJ’s are their own hype-man. It was  sublime to say the least. Listening to his own mixes and tracks played as he draws the crowd with his upbeat attitude.

An hour of DJ Tony Junior and the crowd went from intimately submerged in their own crew to becoming exclusively partying with everyone else. Right after his set, we went backstage with him and got to chill before the interview proper. Here’s what we got (to not spoil the rest of the interview):

Being able to produce music that’s one thing. Being able to produce your own thing. Now that’s next level stuff.

It is no doubt that Tony Junior is an EDM Rock Star.  Whether it’s in a club, a festival with a few or a crowd of thousands, there is no doubt that he will do everything in his power to make the crowd go absolutely insane with his aggressive sound and style.

Even thou he barely scratched the surface of getting to know his Filipino fans (he’s only in the country for about 46 hours), he was definitely ecstatic with how the night went. He is looking to come back again to see more of the beaches and the party scene here.

Well, what else can I say? this man is a definite icon behind the deck and in real life; it was one of the most intimate and insightful interviews I’ve had. He is and will always continue to be relevant and as he continues to produce and release music that exceeds what he has done prior, I can say, that he is here to stay.

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