This Band just released their new single, “Sinungaling Ka” and their fans will surely relate to it!

Known for their hugot music like “Hindi Na Nga” and “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na”, This Band rose to the top as one of the top pop bands in the scene giving their fans music not just good for the ears but overwhelming with emotion, and now they’re back, stronger than ever with a new track to make us fall in love with them all over again.

In case you haven’t listened to it yet, check the lyric video below!


Who’s who?

“Sinungaling Ka” is far from their usual hugot feels music. Kicked-off with the sheer rockish guitar stum, we could say that it is stronger and fiercer as it is calling out all liars caught in the act.

But take note, this is just one of the many songs included in their upcoming debut album to be released within the year! Surely, This Band is on to greater things starting with this single!

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Awiit. #SinungalingKa

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To tell you, I am all for this song for showing strength and courage through its lyrics. Unlike their past hits, which mirrored the brokenness of anyone who relates to the song, the angst of Sinungaling Ka gave me the feels of empowerment and veered away from the stereotype that is driven by grief and sorrow. 

If you are one of those people who have experienced being in a relationship and caught your partner with someone else and had them lying straight to your face, this is the absolute theme song for you! It will not just make you think of what your partner did to you, it will also give you that strength to call them out and make them realize #SinungalingKa!

Are you excited to see what This Band is going for with this new album? In the meantime, listen to their comeback single “Sinungaling Ka”, now available in all music streaming platforms.


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