English indie rock band The Vaccines have announced their comeback after a three-year hiatus! Even with a brand new lineup, their upcoming album “Combat Sports” digs deep into their roots.

A Quick Rise to the Top

The Vaccines formed in the summer of 2009, originally with frontman Justin Young and guitarist Freddie Cowan. When Arni Arnasson joined the band on bass and Pete Robertson on the drums, they had a full lineup. They uploaded a demo of the track “If You Wanna” on YouTube and it immediately caught the attention of people like Zane Lowe. From there, they were catapulted into the limelight and began playing sold out shows.

Their debut album “What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?” landed them on the cover of British music publication NME, an MTV Award, and a Critics’ Choice Brit Award in 2011. Some other achievements included playing a crowd 10,000 people with Arctic Monkeys, playing at Reading and Leeds, and making their American network TV debut on Letterman. A year later, they released their sophomore album “Come of Age” with massive success. Their latest LP “English Graffiti” saw the band’s last record with drummer Pete Robertson as he wanted to “focus on other things.”

“Combat Sports”

Young described their fourth album as “brash, bold, rock and roll songs that mix melancholy and euphoria.” The musicality of “English Graffiti” remains, but has the strong energetic elements from their first album. Young admits that he’s had quite a bit of introspection over the last three years, and is now accepting of the fact that his lyrics are based on the things he cares about. In this case, it’s “Sex and love, and love lost.” 

“Combat Sports” welcomes two new members, drummer Yoann Intonti and keyboardist Timothy Lanham. The new record will have 11 tracks and will hit the shelves on March 30, 2018. Welcome back, boys!

Featured image from Pop Culture Beast