We could all probably agree that Rock and Roll Legends have a Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol lifestyle. To most, this way of life had caught up to them, with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, and the list could go on. These icons that have passed most definitely deserve to be commemorated and admired but let us also not forget to applaud the ones who’ve done it all and are still alive and kicking today.

Iggy Pop

“The thought of drugs gives me the creeps” says Iggy in a 2017 Rolling Stone interview. He had a lot of crazy drug stories from back in the day, from being attacked by Elton John, to fighting with biker gangs, and throwing up on the audience. But this ageing star had put the drug days to retirement and has now been living a healthy sober life and likes to spend his spare time practicing Qigong, the Chinese art of gentle stretching and breathing exercises to help keep his mind and body at ease. Although, he lives a clean lifestyle, he still maintains his signature shirtless look onstage, as he headlines the Cal Jam festival 2018 on October with Foo Fighters and Tenacious D.


When we talk about people who didn’t die from drugs, SLASH claims that he actually did die.. for a moment, and came back. And apparently that’s not even the wildest drug story he has. In 1989, he ran naked, bleeding through a golf resort after hallucinating, thinking there were little guys with machine guns running after him. At an interview at BBC Radio 6, Slash was asked about how he managed to get clean, he replied “Well, I wouldn’t die, so I guess I’m gonna have to sort this out.” That has got to be one of the most badass statements you would hear, which makes him one of the GOATs in Rock n’ Roll History.

Steven Tyler

Probably the most open about his drug use in the past. In a recent appearance in James Corden‘s show, Tyler says he’s snorted half of Peru and spent $ 2 Million dollars on drugs. He’s been getting high, since he was sixteen, tripping on speed and acid with his friends in high school. So his body probably built up a tolerance to drugs since, he’s been doing it as a kid. That explains how he’s survived throughout the years. Today, this rock legend continues to be an inspiration to young people as he gives commencement speeches to drug court graduates, telling them his greatest achievement is getting sober.

Ozzy Osbourne

For over forty years, Ozzy’s daily diet has been drugs and alcohol, which resulted in a near death experience when he crashed his ATV in 2003. He spent eight days in a coma with multiple fractures. Miraculously, he survived. Even genetic researchers refer to him as a “medical miracle.” Did I mention he also bit the head off a live bat? He got rabies shots for that, but he says the bat should’ve had Ozzy shots. Today, he’s clean and still touring and headlining festivals as a solo act.

Keith Richards

This Rolling Stones guitarist is a walking miracle. You’ve probably heard of the time he snorted his father’s ashes mixed with cocaine. In response to anyone who might’ve been offended, He reportedly told U.K.’s New Musical Express in 2007, that his father wouldn’t have cared. Quite an inventive alternative to pissing on your grave. But, after decades of drugs, sex, arrests, and insanity, he still managed to shock people when he finally decided to settle down with his family and sober up.

Rockstars live fast and die young, but some just don’t die. These legends have become heroes in their own way not only because they’re still alive today but because they somehow managed to turn their lives around and survive. Yes, there are legends who passed away that people still admire and they do deserve that, but let us also not overlook the ones who have done it all and still did not give up on life. That is something people should look up to.