Join us as we shed the spotlight on The Juans and Janine Teñoso in a fun-filled conversation via zoom!

Online interviews are now the new normal and while this might be uncomfortable to some artists at firsts, The Juans and Janine Teñoso did not let this digital experience hinder them from spilling the beans on their upcoming collaboration, ‘BTNS’. Not only that, UDOU had the pleasure to know these artists better as they shared their humble beginnings and aspirations for the future.

Whether you’re a loyal supporter of Janine, a solid Juanista, or just a recent fan trying to learn more about these awesome artists, you’ll surely discover something new in this interview.

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The Juans 


A band that hails all the way from the province of Bulacan, this 5-member group is composed of Carl Guevarra (keyboard/vocals), Josh Coronel (drums), Chael Adriano (bassist), Japs Mendoza (guitar/vocals), and RJ Cruz (acoustic guitar). 

The Juans are childhood friends that bonded through music as part of the same worship team. The band started out first with Carl and Japs then was later joined by Josh, Chael, and RJ. From simply playing songs in church, they find it amazing that they’re now colleagues that go through life together.


Why ‘The Juans’? you might ask. Carl explains that as simple kids from the province they wanted a name that resounds to ordinary Filipinos. ( ‘Juan Dela Cruz’ is a common representation of anonymous Filipinos). They’re hopeful that once they become successful, they’d bring honor and value to the name. That Filipinos would someday be proud to identify themselves as ‘The Juan’.

Janine Teñoso 


The 21-year-old singer-songwriter was born in a musical family and hence started singing when she was just 5 years old. Just like ‘The Juans’, Janine began writing songs when she joined the ministry and grew up doing so. 

Her singing career kick-started when she joined the TV competition “Born To Be A Star” 4 years ago. That’s where Viva discovered the songstress and since then she’s been singing official soundtracks for various movies.


When asked what song of theirs would they recommend to someone who has just stumbled upon their music, everyone gave different answers. 

Janine says it would be her latest single ‘Umibig Muli’. She shares that the process of producing the song wasn’t easy and it took them almost a year. The chorus was actually from her mentor, Pauline Lauron who asked Janine to finish the song. Although unsure and with a writer’s block, Janine was able to finish the songwriting process after a month. All because someone believed in her. 

From the perspective of a new fan, RJ answers ‘Atin ang Mundo’. It’s where everything started, he says. With your friends and if you’re in a relationship, you can say that the world is theirs if you’re together.

For Josh he answers the song ‘Prom’. He recites the lyric “halika na, hawakan ang aking kamay at sabay mag lakbay” as something you can say to a loved one.

Japs recommends the song ‘Umaga’ because it has everything from aesthetics, sound, and color. It’s a good choice to search in Spotify to better acquaint yourself with ‘The Juans’.

‘Panaginip’ is what Chael suggests on the other hand. He explains that the song is deeper than the title. It’s like a roller coaster ride of a relationship. The song is upbeat but the meaning is profound.

Lastly, Carl answers ‘Sirang Plaka’ to jokingly promote their newest single. On a serious note, he explains that this single is the new era of the band, a bit edgier and a higher level compared to their past releases. And that’s the direction of how they want to sound like and present themselves.

“You’re having a taste of ano bang mararanasan mo pag sinunod-sunod mo pa yung mga kanta ng The Juans kase you’re off to a roller coaster ride na may mga sobrang sakit may mga masaya.”

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‘Bakit To Nangyari Sa’tin’ was actually originally written for Jadine’s latest movie “Never Not Love You” but because Carl didn’t get to finish the song in time, it wasn’t included. The story behind it is about a couple who compares how happy they were before and how currently messed up they are. At the end of the song, they begin to ask each other, “Bakit To Nangyari Sa’tin”? along with other hurtful questions, you usually ask when a relationship falls apart.

The 6-minute song promises to be more painful than the band’s hit single ‘Hindi Tayo Pwede’.

The reason why I can say that BTNS is more painful than HTYP kase sometimes asking the question is more painful than getting the answer. And sa HTYP kase you already have the answer: hindi tayo pwede kase pinagtagpo tayo pero di tinadhana. So kumbaga somehow you’re one step closer to acceptance and healing . Pero etong BTNS, it’s just the beginning of the pain. Nagsisimula ka palang mag tanong sa process and you’re left with just questions but no answer. And I feel like that’s more painful in a sense na parang walang sagot sa tanong. – Carl Guevarra

Janine then shares the process of how the song came to be. The collaboration was pitched to her last year by Carl and she was immediately down for it. The process was a lot of fun considering the quarantine and how they had to record their parts separately. Janine even made a mock studio in her closet although it didn’t really work out so she had to record it again in a proper studio.

Carl shares that a lot of effort went into the creation of BTNS and it wasn’t a song that’s made just to for the sake of a release. It’s a work of art, he says. Now that’s something the fans will get to look forward to.


What does your band aspire to be and what is your music all about? 

Janine shares that after releasing a lot of heartbroken songs she’s now making an effort to create ones with hopeful endings. She said she wants to be known as someone who can give people hope. Janine also tells us how she doesn’t want to settle for local music but to push for OPM to be known internationally. Her goal is to get out and for the whole world to know about Original Pinoy Music.

The Juans on the other hand wants to become beacons of inspiration to people. The current generation seems to have given up on dreaming or have lost the drive to pursue their dreams. If there’s anything the band wants to give more than the hugot or happy songs, it’s their story. “Wag kayo mapagod mangarap. Wag kayo mapagod umasa. Wag kayo mapagod maniwala.” If we give up on dreaming than what would be left of the future generation?

“We wanna be a beacon of inspiration. We wanna be kids who aspired to dream and who made their dreams happen through obeying their God.”

Their collaboration single “BTNS” will be dropping this July 10! Are you as excited as much as we are? and did you feel bitin with just our write-up? No worries! We have more in store for you! Watch ou for the 2nd Part of our roundtable interview with The Juans next week!

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