The Itchyworms in a Roundtable Talk with uDOu!

Let’s dive into the brand new album of The Itchyworms titled ‘Waiting For Te End To Start’ and know more about the band in our exclusive virtual interview below!

As we all know, Jazz, Jugs, Kelvin and Chino are absolutely know for their craft in music. They have played incredibly in tons of live gigs and jumped along with their solid fans. But while having a chat with the band, we have seen the ‘makulit’ side of the iconic band, The Itchyworms.

The Itchyworms imbues our minds and truly moves our hearts with their heartwarming masterpieces. Even in the midst of the pandemic, we really are quite ecstatic to have chatted with them live! And we are excited to share more about them through our feature below!

Off the stage


Primarily guitar-driven rock with pronounced 1960s and 1980s pop sensibilities, The Itchyworms is one of the iconic OPM bands in the Philippines. We are betting that you also played their tracks on repeat such as “Akin Ka Na Lang”, “Beer” and ‘Di Na Muli”.

Aside from appreciating them through their great songs, we could honestly say also that they are fun to talk to! To tell you, they even shared about how they enjoyed having food trips right after gigs especially ‘Hot Pots’ and being just natural when it comes to talking about their popular band.

Moreover, they even also shared how it is important to spend time off the stage and to really have quality time with your bandmates. Perhaps, this one of the simplest thing to keep your band strong just like this iconic band.

“Ang tagal na naming magkakama so parang naging magkabarkada muna kami bago maging bandmates. Kasi 90% ng pagbabanda ay hanging out kasi ‘yung is just 1 hour lang out a whole night. Syempre badtrip naman kung hindi mo kasundo yung kasama mo sa waiting room diba? So, we make it a point na we bond with each other even about things na hindi about sa banda. Kasi ang banda is our work, it’s our passion but it’s also our work. So we bond over a lots of things like ng iba’t-iba naming hobbies.” shared by Chino.

Pandemic Blues


We are living in the “New Normal” situation right now. But for the Itchyworms it was a sigh of relief because for more than 15 years they didn’t have a lot of rest, so they took advantage of the pandemic to have some enjoyment and relaxation time. 

With all the unknown and questions concerning the Pandemic, they took it as an inspiration to create something that will help the people to cope up with the pandemic. Turning something negative into a positive, creative one.


Waiting for the End to Come


Speaking of doing their very best to entertain people even in the midst of the pandemic, The Itchyworms even recorded an album!

With nine tracks on it,  this album flaunts about different personal stages as we experience the end of the world or the pandemic atmosphere this time. According to the band, it was a real struggle at first because they’re not recording it together like they used to.


They made the songs in their own respective houses. Sending files back and forth to assemble the songs. Since they’re not together they don’t have this “jamming element”. It was like puzzle pieces that put it together to create something special even though they sound different from this album it was still very amazing. 

The album is all in English, before the album they didn’t have any record label for 8 years. Now they have returned to Sony Music Philippines and they’re very happy about it. They made it all English because of the message of the album that it’s all about the Pandemic. They want to reach other countries that are affected and get their message all throughout the world. 

They’re hoping that all of us are safe and practice social distancing with a hope that we will see each other in a better normal environment.


You can now listen to their newest album Waiting for the End to Start in all digital platforms

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