“Coral Fangs” came out 15 years ago but it looks like The Distillers are back for more. Frontwoman Brody Dalle posted a sneak peek of possibly new music on her Instagram just yesterday but the question remains—when?

An Ever-Changing Lineup

The Distillers got together in 1998 when Australian-born guitarist Brody Dalle-Armstrong and Kim “Chi” Fuellman bonded over their love of playing punk rock. They recruited Rose “Casper” Mazolla on guitar and Matt Young on drums, officially forming the first lineup. They released a self-titled EP and debut album under Hellcat Records but by 2000, both Fuellman and Young had left to pursue other musical endeavors. Ryan Sinn replaced Fuellman on bass while Andy Granelli signed on for drums, forming the lineup that recorded their second album “Sing Sing Death House”. This album put The Distillers on the map; the track “Seneca Falls” was featured on “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4”, SPIN Magazine included them in their “Bands to Watch” piece, and AllMusic praised the album for its authenticity.

Mazolla left in the midst of their “Seneca Falls” fame and the then-trio went on tour with other female-fronted bands like No Doubt and Garbage. Tony “Bradley” Bevilacqua joined just in time for the recording of their third and final album “Coral Fang” in 2003, their first major label release under Sire Records. The album received major accolades from publications like Kerrang! and Q Magazine, but the band’s fire eventually died down. Dalle underwent a very public and bitter divorce from Rancid’s Tim Armstrong the same year, leading the band to go on hiatus. Sinn and Granelli moved on to play for other bands in 2005, leaving Dalle and Bradley as the remaining members. After giving birth to her first child with Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age in 2006, The Distillers announced their official breakup. Dalle blamed the band’s disbanding on her ex-husband Armstrong, claiming that he was controlling of her and her departure from their relationship prompted him to blacklist her and her friends from the music industry. Armstrong denied this, all the while claiming that Dalle had used him to come to the United States and gain entry into the industry thanks to his status.

Spinnerette and “Diploid Love”

Together with Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Jack Irons and Eleven’s Alain Johannes, Dalle and Bradley formed Spinnerette in the wake of The Distillers’ breakup. Spinnerette came out with an EP and a self-titled album in 2008 and 2009, going on tour and playing massive festivals like Reading & Leeds alongside the Arctic Monkeys and Eagles of Death Metal. Although they never announced a breakup or hiatus, the band has been inactive since 2010. Dalle went on to release her solo album “Diploid Love” in 2014.

Album? Tour?

Just yesterday, Dalle posted a snippet on her Instagram with the caption “THE DISTILLERS 2018”.

Their Twitter account, although semi-active, pinned an article from NME regarding a 2018 comeback. The account follows Dalle, Bradley, Granelli, and Johaness—the possible lineup for the band’s revival. No one knows if they’re simply planning a reunion tour or a new album altogether, but Dalle’s studio snapshots from last year could mean the latter.

The Distillers’ reunion marks the first big comeback of 2018. Oasis next, maybe?

Featured image from Gigwise

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