Live streaming an event through Facebook Live is becoming a thing nowadays but it is a given fact that it has a slight delay whenever people watch it.

Westmeath, Ireland indie-rock band The Academic used this delay to their advantage and looped their latest single “Bear Claws” using Facebook Live.


Craig, Matt, Stephen and Dean set up a Facebook Live performance for their fans, but little did they know that they are in for a treat. It started with Craig shouting “Hey, Ho!” and what follows is an inception-like performance of “Bear Claws.”

Here’s how the band did it according to their YouTube video:

“We rearranged each instrument on “Bear Claws” to fit Facebook Live’s delay, with each loop getting more complex, adding instruments, rhythms, and melodies. Additionally, by projecting the video live from a soundstage we created an infinite tunnel consisting of all the previously recorded loops.”


It definitely blew my brains out when I watched it especially when the song progresses and the full band comes on. American Rock band, OK Go, which is also known for their mind blowing music videos must be thinking to themselves “How the hell did we not think of that?

Enough of the talk, go watch the video below:

Joke’s on you, technology flaw. If you want to be noticed, this is definitely the way to go.

Loved the song? You can get “Bear Claws” here

You can also watch the official video here:, which is equally awesome, by the way.

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