Orange & Lemons shook the Philippines earlier this year when they announced their reformation. As the rest of 2017 passed the band showed that they’re no longer the Orange & Lemons we knew from 10 years ago—they’re even better. Their newest single “Lovers Go, Lovers Come” is now available on Spotify and iTunes Music!

Lovers Go Lovers Come - Orange & Lemons Cover Art for Lovers Go, Lovers ComeBy Xiomara Glindmeyer

10 Years in the Making

Formed just before the break of the new millennium, Orange & Lemons spent a good eight years in the mainstream music scene before ultimately disbanding in 2007. Because of their ability to fuse musical styles ranging from the Beatles to Eraserheads, they managed to release a total of three successful studio albums: “Love in the Land of Rubber Shoes and Dirty Ice Cream” in 2003, “Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot” in 2005, then finally “Moonlane Gardens” in 2007. The decade passed and just when it felt like the possibility of a reunion was dead, vocalist Clem Castro, bassist JM del Mundo, and drummer Ace del Mundo announced their comeback as the new and improved Orange & Lemons trio.

“Take delight, but always remember, lovers go and lovers come.”

Over the last six months, Orange & Lemons have been playing shows non-stop. Now that they’re armed with a fresh attitude, outlook, and 10 years of growth, the band proudly released their brand new single “Lovers Go, Lovers Come” on December 8. Despite the fact that everything about the trio seemed pristine, the track takes us back to their early indie pop days. It kicks off with a smooth guitar riff and leads us to Castro’s dreamy vocals. He sings about the greatest human affection—love—and how it can only go one way or another. “Lovers Go, Lovers Come” is a subtle reminder to heed the warnings of love’s uncertainty and how at the end of the day it might just be intimacy, attachment, or anything else but love.

One With Their Fans

Orange & Lemons

Clem, JM, and Ace are currently in the studio re-recording their debut album “Love in the Land of Rubber Shoes and Dirty Ice Cream” just in time for its 15th anniversary. Orange & Lemons invite you to be part of this experience via Pledgemusic; fans can pre-order the 15th Anniversary Edition of the album and other merchandise/memorabilia such as a signed vinyl copy, an old lyric and chord sheet, and a day of hanging out with the band in the studio!

The 15th Anniversary Edition of “Love in the Land of Rubber Shoes and Dirty Ice Cream” will include bonus tracks alongside the updated recordings. Make sure to grab a copy when it drops next February!

Featured image taken by Simon Vigan

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